The Game’s Evolution: Casinos Are Bringing the Entertainment to the New Level by Introducing New Features in Games

Over the years, the online casino industry has been growing and evolving rapidly. And in the process, some amazing new technological advancements tailored to the player’s needs are being launched across the globe to make things more exciting. This evolution of making new gaming features is sometimes referred to as gamification of online casinos; where these gamified casino operators are introducing new features in order to make their games more interactive and enjoyable.

Introducing these new features have superseded the initial trend where it was a necessity to have many games in your casino to attract more players. Now creativity is the real measure of the dedication that online casino operators and software providers show to their fans. In this post, we are going to look into how these new features are being implemented and more so, how they are being used in the current gaming sphere. Buckle up for an interesting read!

Why Do They Implement These New Features?

The current operators realised that online casino games could be much more to players than just for earning money by betting. From a more personal point of view, new features give the players a sense of accomplishment. For instance, after finishing a particular mission integrated into the game. And once a player gets that moving emotional connection to a game, it intensifies the entertainment aspect. An excellent example is the wizard of odds slot, where the slot has missions for you to accomplish, in a fantasy world full of thrill and suspense.

In addition, since many online casinos are emerging, the online casino business is becoming even more competitive by the day. To make sure that they stay ahead of the competition, they have to be creative and introduce more exciting features that will keep the users on their sites. It’s not just about wagering and winning bets alone; players have to connect to a game and feel ‘at home’ when spending their time and money!

What Are These New Features?

Most of these new features we are talking about are already implemented in many online casinos. Here are some of the latest ones that are already popular in the finest online gaming sites out there:

  1. Casino Tournaments

Instead of playing alone from your computer, you can sign up for a casinos tournament and play against other players. What makes things more exciting than playing with an actual person on the other end rather than just beating an algorithm or machine? While online casino tournaments may not feel like new features for many, they have greatly evolved since they were first launched.

Essentially, there are two types of tournaments:

  • Sit and Go tournaments which are suited for players who don’t have much time to play online so they can hop in for a quick tournament then they can leave. It’s a thrilling pick for anyone looking for some quick action.
  • The other type of tournament available is the Scheduled tournament which is organised to take much longer periods to support as many players as possible.  In these kinds of competitions, there are larger rewards to be won, and the competitions are more extreme than sit and go tournaments. So, depending on how much time you have on your hands, you can pick one.
  1. Loyalty Points

Currently, almost every online casino adopting this kind of technique, and in fact, for a casino to be top rated, this is one of the factors through which it is measured. How they work is that you get rewarded by loyalty points depending on how frequently you wager in that particular casino. After accumulating as many points as you want, you can redeem these points to exclusive rewards and cash prizes. In most cases, these rewards include things like free spins for a specific slot game, special VIP privileges, tailored promotional offers and more. The main point of implementing this new feature is to appreciate the frequent gamers in the house, to show them that loyalty is two-way traffic.

  1. Narratives

They are the storylines embedded in the casino games to introduce an adventurous aspect in the game. This feature is quite popular with slot machines. You will mostly find characters, specific to the theme to build on the plot, accompanying music to bring out the narrative of the game and so much more. NetEnt is one of the most experienced software developers when it comes to crafting deeply themed games with Gonzo’s Quest being one of their biggest hits! Providers like IGT and Playtech, on the other hand, are known for collaborating with bigwigs in the comic book industries like Marvel and DC comics to bring superhero themed titles!

  1. Community

This is more like forums introduced in games so that players can connect with each other to make the casino experience more interactive and fun. Furthermore, these forums may also be very helpful when it comes to borrowing new tactics from players you are connecting with, which in turn, improves your gaming expertise.

  1. Virtual Casino Currencies

Many online casinos are coming up with their new virtual currencies that are used to buy other valuable items available in the casino. The main reason they introduce these currencies is to bring in new challenges and added fun to the casino. However, you should know that these virtual currencies are usually only usable within the house and can’t be cashed out as real money.

  1. Quests and Missions

Another new feature which has already caught on in many online casino games is the presence of quests and missions. Usually, you will have to complete the current mission before being allowed to process to the next. You can enjoy such experiences from the latest Microgaming games where you get rewarded with gift hampers like free spins and free bonuses.


While most of these features are still not common in many online casinos, you can find some of them in the most dominant operators and the newly launched sites as well. So, the next time you plan on having some fun, look for an online casino or a game that has at least one of these revolutionary features. You’ll thank us later!


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