How to win at blackjack

Blackjack is one of those card games everyone knows how to play. Sit down with a five-year-old child and he or she will have a basic grasp of the rules in two minutes flat. The fact that most of us picked up the basics of the game in this way means it is also one of the most familiar and enduring casino games around.

Poker and baccarat might seem more sophisticated, but with them, you can’t help but feel you are straying into expert territory. Yet with blackjack, there are no sharks to fleece you, it is just you, the dealer and the cards. Little wonder, then, that in this age of online casinos, this is a game that is more popular than ever.

Yet it is not just the simplicity that forms the attraction. Ask any statistician, and they will tell you that this is also the game in which the right strategy presents the best chance of winning. Clearly, then, whether you’re up against your grandmother for pennies or you’re playing bitcoin blackjack online, you need some strategy tips behind you.

Go as deep as you wish

Here’s another great thing about blackjack. At one end of the scale, five-year-olds can play it for pretend money and get a win rate of around 96 percent following only the most basic intuition of “trying to get close to 21 without going over.” The most experienced players can develop a strategy based on sound, but increasingly complicated statistical analysis, that will increase that win rate to well over 99 percent.

Most of us lie somewhere between these two extremes. There is a complete guide to Bitcasino Blackjack that takes just 10 minutes to read and will improve your win rate to over 98 percent – that’s not speaking optimistically, it’s based on proven mathematical principles. Let’s take a look at the basics of blackjack strategy for ourselves.

Principles of basic strategy

One of the first things to get right is the mindset. The five-year-old above has a flaw in his or her strategy straight away. The objective in blackjack is not to get as close to 21 as possible. It is to finish with a better hand than the dealer. That might sound like semantics, but it is more than that. Suppose you have been dealt a 9 and a 4. Now 13 isn’t an inspiring hand in blackjack, and the five-year old is going to almost certainly ask for another card. But when you approach the game from our new mindset, it all depends what the dealer is showing.

Hit or stand?

In both a physical game or a hand of bitcoin blackjack online, hit or stand is the most fundamental question. It depends on both your hand and on the upcard held by the dealer. When we are talking basic strategy, we make the assumption that the dealer’s downcard is worth 10, simply because more cards have this value than any other.

Working under that assumption, then, what should you do? It couldn’t be more simple. Assume that the higher the card, the “better” it is for the dealer, with and Ace being the best of all. If the dealer has a seven or better, you should hit on anything up to 16, and stand on anything higher. If the dealer has a two or three, you should hit on anything up to 13 and stand on 14 or more. And if the dealer has a four, five or six, you should hit on anything up to 12, and stand on 13 or more.

There are mathematical explanations that you can find online or in books, but this simplest of strategies will immediately improve your win rate.

Splitting pairs and other tips

Splitting pairs is the next challenge, and again, there is a mathematical formula that is easy to remember. It goes like this: If you have a pair of aces of eights, you should always split them. If you have fours, fives or tens, you should never split them. If you have any other pairs, only split them if the dealer has seven or lower.

Getting the split right will also mean you win more games. The real beauty, however, is that these are just starting points. Doubling down, card counting and adjusting for hard and soft hands are just a few of the ways you can enhance your strategy as you get more experienced. If you’re still playing like a five-year-old, there’s actually no shame in that – but now you know how easy it is, this could be the perfect time to take your blackjack to the next level.


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