Watch the Gameplay Breakdown Trailer for Phantom Doctrine

Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer CreativeForge Games have just released their new gamplay breakdown trailer for Phantom Doctrine, the turn based espionage strategy game.

As the leader of a covert organization battling a global conspiracy at the height of the Cold War, you’ll have to master operating in the shadows against overwhelming odds. Train your agents, investigate new cases, and research cutting-edge tech from your base, then infiltrate enemy facilities, eliminate their assets with stealth or brute force, and uncover their schemes.

Phantom Doctrine’s deep single-player mode offers two different perspectives: experience the story as a KGB counterintelligence operative or a renegade CIA commando. players can unlock New Game Plus runs of the game’s 40-hour campaign with additional story content, or challenge rivals around the world in ruthless one-on-one online multiplayer matches. Phantom Doctrine captures the subtle tension and intrigue of classic Cold War spy films with atmospheric visuals and an unnerving soundtrack from award-winning composer Marcin Przybylowicz (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt).

Phantom Doctrine isn’t far off now as it’s set to launch on August 14 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will cost $39.99 and will have a 10% launch discount on all platforms.

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