Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Recap: New Characters, Stages, Modes, and More

Well the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct just ended and it didn’t disappoint at least for the most part. If you missed any of the information I’m going to outline most of it below. I’ve also included information from Nintendo’s own press release on the direct.

New Fighters:

Nintendo announced several new fighters in this direct including the long awaited debut of Simon Belmont from the Castlevania franchise. He also brings the Dracula’s Castle stage with him which is the darkest stage in Smash history.

Simon Belmont: Simon’s signature weapon is, of course, his whip, with special attacks true to the Castlevania series, including the axe, cross, holy water and Grand Cross Final Smash. His stage is Dracula’s Castle, with candlesticks that release an item when destroyed. Alucard, the tragic hero from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, appears as an Assist Trophy, lending his cursed steel in battle. Richter Belmont, a descendant of Simon Belmont and the star of his own Castlevania games, also joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster as an Echo fighter.

In addition, three new Echo Fighters were also announced. Chrom is an Echo of Ike, Dark Samus is an Echo of Samus, and Richter Belmont who is an Echo of Simon. You can watch the trailer for each of them below.

Echo Fighters: Echo fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have move sets based on other fighters, but a different visual appearance. In addition to Richter Belmont, two other Echo fighters in the game are Chrom from the Fire Emblem series (Echo fighter for Roy) and Dark Samus from the Metroid games (Echo fighter for Samus). Echo fighters can be displayed as separate fighters on the character select screen or stacked on top of the character they are echoing. When stacked, players can change between them with the press of a button. It’s up to players to decide how they want them displayed.

Finally at the end of the Direct Nintendo teased us, trolled us, and then revealed that King K. Rool himself is coming to the game.

King K. Rool: As the beloved villain from all three Donkey Kong Country games on Super NES, King K. Rool joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable fighter. He attacks with a blunderbuss that can fire cannonballs at opponents, and throws his crown, which acts like a boomerang.


Nintendo announced that the game will have more than 100 stages in the game and if you include the Battlefield and Omega forms of each stage the total reaches more than 300. All stages are also playable from the start and will support eight-player battles. You’ll also have the option to turn off hazards. Some of the new stages include Dracula’s Castle and New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey. Of course there are plenty of returning favorites that have been given updated visuals as well.

Stage Morph:

Stage Morph is a new feature that will let you seamlessly transition between two different stages. You set this up by selecting this in the rules and then selecting which two stages you want. The game will then transition between them during the fight.


Music is another area in the game that is getting a lot of love as there will be 900 compositions in total which is more than 28 hours of game music. My Music will let you select specific tracks for each stage. Also if you are in Handheld mode, you can play music even while the screen of the Switch is turned off making it your own little portable video game music player.

Items and Assist Trophies:

There are lots of new items, Pokemon, and Assist Trophies being added to the game. For items there is a Banana Gun, Killing Edge, Bomber, Death’s Scythe, Staff, Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom and Rage Blaster. Some of the new Pokemon include Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu and Alolan Exeggutor. For Assist Trophies there is Zero from Mega Man X, Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, Krystal from Star Fox Adventures, Evil Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid, and Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight. That last one hurts a lot as myself and many others wanted Shovel Knight as his own playable character in Smash. There is another one too which is Rathalos from Monster Hunter which is not only a Assist Trophy but also a boss that you can fight in the game.


Nintendo also touched on some modes in the game which you can read below.

  • Classic Mode: The single-player mode in which players battle against a series of fighters will return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Each fighter has a set of stages and opponents that she or he will face.
  • Stamina Battle: In addition to Time Battle and Stock Battle, Stamina Battle is also one of the standard modes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In Stamina Battle, players fight to deplete each other’s stamina until only one fighter is left standing.
  • Final Smash Meter: In addition to regular Final Smashes that can be activated after breaking a Smash Ball, the Final Smash Meter is now a selectable option. If enabled, players can charge their Final Smash Meter over the course of a battle. Once the Final Smash Meter is fully charged, players can unleash a less powerful Final Smash attack.
  • Squad Strike: When playing Squad Strike, players will participate in 5-on-5 or 3-on-3 skirmishes, with each player using either five or three consecutive fighters in one battle.
  • Tourney Mode: Up to 32 players can participate in Tourney mode, making it great for parties or events with a lot of people. And since Nintendo Switch can be played anywhere, these tournaments can even take place in unexpected places!
  • Smashdown: After battling in this mode, the previously selected fighters will no longer be available, forcing players to have to pick a different fighter for the next round. This mode favors players who are skilled with multiple fighters and encourages others to diversify their rosters.
  • Training: The improved Training mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes an exclusive stage that features a grid, used to help measure the distance and trajectory of special moves and fighter knockback.

There was also another mode teased but they said they aren’t ready to talk about this quite yet. Hopefully it’s a new Campaign mode.

That’s about it for the Smash Direct. I know I’m more excited about the game than ever but how about you? Let us know in the comments.

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