The Evolution Of Gaming

The evolution of gaming has its roots since 2300BC. The earliest evidence of gaming comes from Ancient China when the first mention of ‘drawings of wood’ and keno slips appears, which suggest Ancient Chinese used to participate in a form of lottery. Sophocles mentions dices in Ancient Greece, while Ancient Romans were believed to have played dice games in the ancient city of Rome. Because dice games were forbidden to Romans, they tried to trick those in power with the invention of the first gambling chips, claiming that they’re not playing for money but for chips and fun. Card games came from China, not resembling those of today, in the 9th century.

The Appearance of Casino Games in Gaming Hisotry

In the history of gaming, the earliest game invented that is still played in casinos is baccarat, in the 1400s, in Italy. The first mention of blackjack appears in the 1600s in Don Quixote, which was then called 21 or vingt-et-un, and was renamed in 1930 in America.

The year 1638 marks the appearance of the first gambling houses in Italy, such as Ridotto in Venice. The springing up of gambling houses all over Europe followed, while in the US the only mention of gambling is between traders and farmers. Casinos bloomed in America during the time of the Depression, in Las Vegas.

Games that were played in that period mostly included dices and cards, but the first roulette wheel was invented in 1796 in Paris, France. The origins of poker are the hardest ones to pin down, but the first report of the game dates in 1829. Sixty years later, the first slot machine was invented in San Francisco, called the Liberty Bell at the time. That slot machine didn’t reward real money but sweets, gums and cigarettes and slot machines that spewed out money came later on. The first real video slot was invented in 1976.

The First Official Casinos in Gaming History

Casino gaming has suffered banning in the past as well. The US officially banned gambling activities in 1910. The nationwide prohibition came to ashes after the Great Depression when the Assembly Bill 98 came into law and enabled Nevada to legalize many sorts of gambling as a source of revenue for the state in 1931. But it took Vegas 20 years to become the gambling capital of the world. The 1950s were the lucky years for Vegas when celebs like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley promoted the grandeur and elegance of Las Vegas. And that marked the beginnings of casinos and gambling as we know of today. The heat in luxurious casinos filled with well-groomed people continues to motivate gamers to this day.

The Latest Revolutionary Steps in Casino Gaming

The casino gaming reached its peak with the invention of the internet. This was courtesy of Microgaming, a giant in the online gaming world, who created the first online casino in 1994. Microgaming revolutionized gaming and cleared the way for hundreds of operators such as Jackpot Fortune Bingo & Casino, to provide players with the most convenient way of casino gaming. 2003 marks the beginning of live dealer games that even further enhanced the online gaming experience and made it immersive, and the development of HTML5 led to the creation of mobile casinos in recent years which made it flexible and mobile. The online casino future is here, and involves the integration of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in online casino gaming, something players look forward to.

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