Improve Your Competitive Gameplay: Why You Should Get a Gaming Keypad

Gaming keypads are smaller keyboards used by gamers to execute macros as well as other commands on the fly. When it comes to gaming keypads, they are designed completely different from the conventional keyboard – in fact, they almost look like they are from the future! If you are a serious FPS gamer and want more control, then keypads are your key to more wins.

Like anything else in life, you need to be on the lookout for a few things while looking at different keypads. However, if you would rather skip the research and find the best product out there, you should see GameAuthority’s favorite for instance. If you are not sure of the benefits you will get from using a gaming keypad yet, it is time to learn more about them.

Before looking at the general benefits, you need to understand that every player has his or her opinion in regards to gaming keypads. While some appreciate keypads more than others do, they still have different reasons why they use them. Nevertheless, if you have never used this gadget before, it is critical you are aware of the benefits it is likely to bring you and your gaming.


Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design you find on gaming keypads is a critical element for your wrist and hand. Since you spend hours on end playing your favorite game, it is important that you be in a proper position.

Incorrect body positioning is likely going to lead to health issues like Gamer’s wrist. Gaming keypads on the market offer support for your wrist and hand, so you can relax and concentrate on the most important aspect – your gaming!

Increased Gaming Performance

The gaming pads are not only attractive for gamers, but they also play a major part in helping gamers achieve higher levels. Gaming world success requires skills as well as the right equipment. The arrangement of buttons and keys on keypads helps players use some functions at higher speeds, making a big difference while gaming.


More Control

Replacing the regular keyboard with your gaming keypad of choice helps increase your control of key functions in the game. All key commands are within easy reach and you can adjust the volume, quick keys, macro buttons and even headset or USB ports on a single device. A gaming keypad helps save your time while playing, making it easier to achieve the right environment to get to champion status!



One of the greatest things about gaming keypads is that they are unique in style; a quick look at the market reveals that no two devices are alike. These gadgets always feature different options and features, covering the comfort aspects of playing in style. At the very least, manufacturers intentionally ensure that each of their products feature some improvement over their last.

This versatility means that it is also difficult to find the best gaming keypad for you. Since the keypad acts as an extension of your hand, you should find a gadget that you can control – even with closed eyes! If you find a keypad feels less natural than that, your best option is to keep looking for the perfect model on the market for you.


Easier to Carry

If you would like to have a gaming night over at a friend’s place, you will most likely be required to carry your own equipment. However, carrying a gaming keypad is much easier compared to carrying the traditional keyboard along with you.

For starters, gaming keypads are intentionally smaller and lighter, which makes them more portable. In addition, most keypads have a compact shape that makes them even easier to pack in boxes, backpacks and bags. Finally, gaming keypads occupy so little space on your desk that you have more space for other items as well as increased playing comfort.


Easy to Setup

Since gaming keypads are customizable, purchasing one of these devices is a nice bonus you will enjoy for a long time. For some players, this important feature will help increase game time success. Customizable keypads allow you to change profiles and lights in accordance to the game you are playing.

This customization option makes each gaming keypad uniquely specific to its owner and his or her gaming style. Overall, gaming keypads are your ticket to developing and perfecting your own playing style that will likely impress all other players.


Better Precision

Another great thing about using gaming keypads for play is that they help increase your precision levels. While you don’t have to make precise movements in all games you play, keypads can save your life – and street reputation – when you need precise movements.

For instance, some games feature fight scenes where millimeter precision is all that is required in order to pass to the next level or overcome an enemy. Keypads offer this type of exact precision that makes moving from one level to the next that much easier.


Extra Features

Anything that can help you play faster and better is always a plus, and the right gaming keypad is the best way to improve your overall performance. Be on the lookout for devices that feature anti-ghosting keys that respond accurately and fast for better gaming. Backlit keys will help you play your favorite game, even in the dark.

A rubberized base will prevent a keypad from slipping whenever you make fast movements. Other keypads have in-built profiles and key setups for various popular PC games, including Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) titles. No matter your preference, if there’s a feature you consider important, make sure that the gaming keypad offers the configurations.




While gaming keypads feature fewer buttons than keyboards, the buttons are arranged in such a way that all your gaming sessions are filled with efficient and comfortable presses. These gadgets are especially helpful if you are into playing First Person Shooter (FPS) and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. Finding the exact match will require some research and shopping time, but this guide will hopefully convince you why you need a gaming pad right now!

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