Microsoft Revealing a New $149 Xbox Controller Later Today

You may have heard of a codename for a Microsoft product over the past couple weeks called “Project Washburn.” This was to be some type of new controller for the Xbox One and was originally going to be revealed at Gamescom 2018 last week before plans changed.

Well that announcement now appears to be happening later today. Our first indicator comes from Gamestop’s own Weekly Ad. On the first page they have a blacked out picture saying “Tune in later Today” with an Xbox logo at the bottom.


OK but then Tom Warren, Senior Editor over at The Verge, put out a tweet saying that Washburn news was coming today.

Finally in a thread over at ResetEra, Tom Warren provided more details saying that this announcement will be for a new controller and that it will cost $149 and release on October 16th. He also says that it won’t be the Xbox Elite V2 that people have been asking for.

So what is it then? A new color for the first Elite Controller that will be exclusive to Gamestop? A new Wheel Controller that will work with Forza Horizon 4? We’ll know later today and keep you updated.

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  1. they care more about controllers and dolls then games……..lmao.

    im glad i went pc,

  2. If they didnt care about games why did they purchase 4 studios and create a new one? Oh to make some soon to be bad ass games that’s why.

    • For game pass you dunky

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