VR Puzzle Game, Transpose, Launching This Fall

Secret Location, the same studio who brought us Blasters of the Universe, has announced their next project today called Transpose.

Transpose is a brand new first-person puzzle game experience that will launch this Fall. Set in a dreamlike universe, players will have to record and multiple overlapping versions of themselves and then get them to work together in order to solve puzzles that will get more difficult as you go on.

The game will contain three unique worlds and feature a total of 3o levels. The developer says it should provide around 8 hours of gameplay. The game will launch on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Steam for $19.99. You can read more features about it below.

Transpose will include features such as:

  • “Echo” Time Loops: Players must solve puzzles by recording their own actions to create multiple instances of themselves, called echoes, and coordinate their echoes from various time loops to sync up and solve puzzles together;
  • Real-time Motion Capture: Transpose records players’ every action, allowing them to see copies of their characters mimic their actual movements almost immediately after being enacted;
  • Perspective Shifts: Set in a mesmerizingly surreal world, Transpose allows players to rotate the environment around them to walk on walls and ceilings, experiencing perspective shifts and multifaceted puzzles in ways only possible in VR.

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