Review: Is It Worth to Trust Strangers?

I have been a customer of for over a year now and decided to share my experience with other students who might be in the same situation as I once was.

To be honest, I did not like the idea of asking someone else to complete my homework. However, it turned out that at a certain moment I was at risk to choose either my college or my job as I could not physically meet all the deadlines even with 3-4 hours of sleep. I needed my job to pay the tuition fee, and I needed my College to ensure a better future, so the only way out I could think of was to order a few assignments online so I can concentrate on completing the other, more important papers and manage my workload.

Easier said than done, selecting the service was stressful. I was afraid that I will need to redo the paper a few hours before the deadline and that it will result into even more problems with the deadline. I have been thinking about everything that could have gone wrong, starting from my paper being written by a person who is not very proficient in my subject and/or writing and finishing off with the assignment not being completed on time. After all, I asked my friend if they know any reliable website and she told me about Since her grades were always quite high, I decided to give it a try.

Website Design and Usability

The website is designed for a quick access to the order form, and it is convenient in case of a rush. If you wonder about the services or policies, you can check everything on the website, as well, or ask the support team in order to not spend time on the website pages.

The order form itself is quite simple and convenient, but it does not have all the features the website offers and the client cannot order them without asking the support team to help. For example, you cannot order a multiple choice exam and specify the number of questions yourself, as well as you cannot order the pages meant for the speaker’s notes (if you order a presentation) separately from the pages you need for the paper. All these details should be mentioned in the paper instructions field, but I think it would have been more convenient if the client could select the options without the extra typing.

As well, they do not state it on the order form page, but the title and the reference pages are provided for free, and thus, you do not have to select them as a part of the pages number. I once overpaid because of that, good that the support team clarified the order details before proceeding so I kept the overpaid amount on my customer’s balance and used it later.

Support Team and Communication

The best part about the support team is that they react to the queries very fast. The support team will offer you a discount code any time you ask and they sometimes can make little exceptions for the clients in case of a need. Once I was very worried about a big project I wanted to order and the supporter understood the situation and even offered a top writer for free so I can feel on the safe side. Yes, I did score an A that time, exactly how I wanted.

As for the writers, a client can only communicate with them via messages. I wish there was a faster way to do it, to be honest, as I might not have a possibility to wait for the response on the website and prefer e-mails. However, the contact information is protected. I find being anonymous to my writer more important than the communication convenience, but sometimes still wish it was possible to communicate in a different way, as well.

Quality and Grades

From my experience, they do stick to their policies in terms of originality and following the instructions, which is the most important thing for me. I did have to ask for a revision a few times, though; I asked for clarification about a completed order and once the format of in-text citations was wrong. Also, one time I indicated the wrong referencing style and the writer fixed it for free and quite fast.

As for the grades, I actually ask the writer to complete a B grade paper sometimes, as I have never been of a straight A kind. Overall, my grades remained the same as they were, but it is such a relief that I do not have to chase the deadlines all the time.

By the way, the order form offers the option to select the type of English you need for your paper, and it can not only influence the grammar, but also the references the writer is going to choose, so I advise to pay attention to this detail.


Usually, my papers are sent to me a bit ahead of the deadline, so I have a couple of hours to check them before submission. Nevertheless, the policy states that the client can ask for a refund in case of 17 minutes lateness with the order, but I have not been in a situation when I need to know more about it and more about how to get a refund.


For me, this is a trustworthy service I would recommend to use. The quality of the papers corresponds to the expectations and you can be sure that in case there is anything unclear or missing in the instructions, you will be notified about the clarification needed. Their papers are original and are delivered on time; there is no need to be afraid of a Turnitin check. However, the website itself seems to be missing some features that help the client place the order without communicating with the support team first.

Website Usability 4 stars

Support and Communication 4 stars

Quality of Papers 5 stars

Delivery speed 5 stars

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