Monster Hunter: World Patch 5.10 Out Now, Here’s What it Does

Capcom has just released the 5.10 patch for Monster Hunter: World and it brings some new changes and fixes to the game. The patch is available for download now and weighs in at 310MB on PlayStation 4 and 330MB on Xbox One. The patch brings the Arch-Tempered Lunastra quest “When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust” to the game along with some other changes. Read below for the full patch notes.

Warped Feystones

Drop rates for Warped Feystones have been increased in the Tempered Deviljho and Arch-Tempered elder dragon quests.

Relevant Quests:

  • Relish the Moment (Tempered Deviljho): Fucium Ore → Warped Feystone
  • The Deathly Quiet Curtain (Arch-tempered Vaal Hazak): Dreamcore Ore → Warped Feystone
  • A Whisper of White Mane (Arch-tempered Kirin): Dreamcore Ore → Warped Feystone
  • The Scorn of the Sun (Arch-tempered Teostra): Dreamcore Ore → Warped Feystone
  • The Eye of the Storm (Arch-tempered Kushala Daora): Dreamcore Ore → Warped Feystone

These reward rules will also be applied to any future quests with Arch-tempered elder dragons from update version 5.10 onwards.

Kulve Taroth pursuit exploit

Fixed an exploit that would allow you to retain a pursuit level in the Kulve Taroth Siege by intentionally disconnecting, by making it so you cannot post or join another quest for the same Kulve Taroth after claiming rewards once.

If you cannot post or join a Kulve Taroth quest, you must either wait until the other players in the session have repelled the Kulve Taroth, or move to a different session. Then you will be able to post or join quests for a new Kulve Taroth.

Elder Melder item order

The order of melding ingredients at the Elder Melder has been resorted according to the same sorting method used for items. In previous updates, new items were added to the end of the ingredient list, but now new additions will now follow this new sorting method. No items have been removed from the current ingredient list.

Combat Bug Fixes

Charge Blade

  • Fixed a bug where, if your Charge action is interrupted by damage when chaining it into a Condensed Element Slash in order to power up your Sword Mode attacks, the next attack will no longer mistakenly benefit from additional hits from phial effects.

Dual Blades

  • Fixed a bug where graphic and sound effects were not triggering correctly when exiting Demon Mode after any of the various combos.


  • Fixed a bug where Dragon Piercer would fire outside the intended range when pressing the L2 button (PS4) or the left trigger (Xbox One) just as you release an arrow when the camera is facing outside the intended aim range. We apologize for the continuous bugs related to this.


  • Fixed a bug where the effects from “Critical Draw” and “Punishing Draw” would expire before you could do damage with your weapon, due to unrelated, continuous damage sources such as torch pods. The effects from these skills will now only expire once you have made a direct weapon attack (including arrows).

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where, if you own the Kinsect “True Dragon Soul”, the Smithy equipment forging screen would display an icon showing that you owned “Kulve Taroth’s Fury α” when you do not actually own it.
  • Fixed a bug where, when sorting equipment at the item box, sorting weapons by the “Great Sword” category would also sort Sever-type Kinsects to the top of the list, and sorting weapons by the “Sword & Shield” category would also sort Blunt-type Kinsects to the top of the list.
  • Fixed a bug where squad information may be deleted due to delays in server requests, as a result of switching between save data too many times in a row, or repeating the process of frequently refreshing guild cards before immediately signing out. Please note that we cannot recover squad information that was lost prior to this update.
  • Fixed an issue for players who were unable to unlock the 8★ quest “Lightning Strikes Twice”. This issue occurred very rarely in high rank quests and expeditions, preventing research points from accumulating when you collect high rank Kirin traces. Updating to version 5.10 will allow the quest to unlock, but you must re-gather the necessary research points.
  • (Xbox One only) Improved the processing of the retrieval of session information to reduce the incidence of the error code “50088-MW1”, which would prevent you from joining online sessions.
  • Fixed a bug where the notification beginning “Continuing the game in offline mode. Go to a quest counter…” would not display when a communication error (due to signing out from PSN or Xbox Live, or from being disconnected) occurs when creating or joining a new online session while already in a session.
  • Fixed a bug in the Wildspire Waste where you could lock your focus camera to an empty spot, by locking onto the spot where Cactuar would appear before they actually appear.
  • Fixed a bug where your Palico would fail to restore you after running over to hit you to recover from paralysis or sleep (as a result of using the “signal” command as it runs over, causing an error in its movement destination).
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of Demondrug, Mega Demondrug, Armorskin, and Mega Armorskin that were applied to a Palico via the skill “Wide-Range” would expire for the Palico when they fainted in combat, but the expiration of these effects would not be properly synced between the players during multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where a monster hit with the Dragonator by a guest player in a Special Arena quest would not properly flinch from the attack, if the host player is far from the monster and accessing the supply box or otherwise waiting in camp.
  • Fixed bugs that occur when (a) you are targeting a large monster with the target camera and its icon on the lower left part of the screen is grayed out, (b) the icon of the monster you are targeting is the furthest icon on the left, and (c) either of the following occur.

    1. When using the focus camera, the target would switch away from the large monster when a small monster’s icon was added to the leftmost end of the target list.
    2. When using the target camera, the target would switch away from the large monster when a small monster disappears from the target list.

  • Fixed a bug where the health gauge wouldn’t properly change color after being inflicted with the poison or bleeding status after finishing a monster mount.
  • Fixed a bug where the order of items in the item bar would change unintentionally when you change your equipment loadout and your items are lined up in certain ways.
  • Fixed a bug where the order of items in the item bar would change unintentionally when you register an item loadout when you have supply items. When saving an item loadout, the order of items registered will ignore supply item data, and supply items obtained again afterwards may be in a different order, but this is not a bug.
  • Fixed a bug where female characters’ hair would not move properly after equipping the head armor “Shadow Shades” or the layered head armor for ‘Bushi Kabuto “Sabi”‘ and ‘Bushi Kabuto “Homare”‘.


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