5 tips on how to make money gaming

If you like gaming then at some point in your life you’ve wondered how to make money playing games and wanted to this all day long and be loaded. The great thing is that this is possible, as Sahil Arora (a.k.a., UNiVeRsE)  got more than $2m just by playing DOTA 2 in tournaments and there are many other success stories. While it might not be as easy as you’d think because it takes some work other than just play, you can make money playing games.

If you want to know exactly how to make extra money playing games, then check out our top five tips.


  • Game tester – this is one of the oldest approaches to earning a living from games. There’s no division between games for boys and games for girls and you can play whatever you’re good at. You will have to find bugs and report them to help make the game better. Pay isn’t really huge, but it will help you out, plus it’s a great way to start a career or work your way through college.
  • Professional gamer – this is a great job and literally all you will do is play the game you love and are good at. The competition will be fierce once you get to the top so you need to keep on top of things, but this competition is what makes this job even more fun. You can be a professional gamer and play all types of games, from poker to MMORPGS, shooters and more.
  • Casino games – not necessarily a career, but playing Jetbull casino slots can bring you a lot of money. If you form a strategy and play the games that have the biggest Return to Player and the right volatility for you and add some luck into the mix you could be set for life.
  • Streaming – many gamers have turned in recent years to streaming. You don’t have to be one of the top ten gamers of a certain game to stream as you would with huge tournaments, but that would help. By offering people tips and tricks, walkthroughs or just by letting them watch you play you can get donations from them as well as money from ads and channel you’re using.
  • Coach – if you’re really good at a certain game and are done with the whole tournaments scene as a player, you can always teach others how to be just as great.


These are your main options. There’s another one on the way with War Field bringing you cryptocurrency just for winning at the game. What option do you think is the best one?


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