Best VR Games to Watch Out for in 2019

Heading full force into its second decade, Virtual Reality (VR) is showing no signs of slowing down.

The innovative concept envisioned as a utopian model is finding its purpose and application widely spread out far beyond gaming, which to this date remains the prime association with virtual reality.

And as we all wait with anticipation for VR to bring a higher good to humanity and revolutionise science, there is hardly anything wrong in indulging ourselves in all the excitement and enjoyment this service can provide. By playing games, of course.

The year of 2018 was a rather exciting one when it comes to VR gaming. What we saw was an unstoppable breakthrough in all different spheres of the virtual reality universe with VR slowly crawling into even the tiniest of gaming pores.

The improvement virtual reality brought to online gaming can hardly be measured and gaming branch such as casino industry for example has yet to feel the full benefit of VR devices. At this point in time virtual reality online casinos are few and far between even though it definitely won’t be too long before they are accepted as mainstream.

Taking one step away from the VR gaming scene while still talking about streams – and especially video streams – the biggest name in this overwhelming industry, YouTube, is going forward with its ambitious plan announced earlier in September. Oculus users were seen biting their nails in anticipation when it became clear that YouTube service could be coming to all Oculus mobile VR headsets Oculus Go, and the news has been finally confirmed.

YouTube is going ahead with it virtual reality app which will be available in the Oculus Store, supporting the 360-degree VR theatre video mode, along with social features to help you connect with friends during the entire experience.

Back to gaming now. With VR setting the bar high with latest trends that seem to be out to reshape the virtual reality as we gamers know it, it’s only the right time for game developers to take it one step further and once again assert their dominance in the market.

With 2019 already on the horizon, here is a look at top three VR games you need to watch out for.

Bravo Team

Tastes are there to be argued but the unweathered popularity of shooter games is undebatable. Bravo Team is a cooperative game coming for the PSVR and stands as one of the most anticipated titles of 2019. Simple reason for that is that unlike most shooter games this particular one is focusing on co-op gameplay between players who make their way through a city in war-torn Eastern Europe.


Standing as one of our personal favourites is the product of partnership between Oculus Studios and Insomniac Games called – Stormland.

This science fiction shooter game focuses on the narrative and interaction with its open-world surroundings which make it ever so special. The wider world is the main selling point of virtual reality and stands as Stormland’s biggest draw, separating it from more mainline titles. Available in single player as well as in partner mode, this game will take you through explosive detonations and wielding makeshift weapons in order to defeat ‘titanium sentries and monolithic guardians’. Pretty cool.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Flying has always been that concept which eluded the human curiosity. Players can now thank Bandai Namco Studios for creating the ultimate ace combat-themed game with some of the most advanced aircrafts ever developed for VR. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown combines photorealistic visuals and an immersive storytelling to lift your adrenaline soaring through the clouds.

Originally intended for a 2017 release, this game has kept us on the edge of our chairs for so long but Bandai Namco Studios are promising the wait will be worthwhile.



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