Technologies That Have Changed Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack is one of the instantly recognisable casino games and it remains an absolute fan favourite online. It is only natural for the game’s popularity to be rewarded with some of the latest technological advances in gaming for an enhanced experience, which players will find in the best NZ black jack casinos online.

While some of the advances in gaming will not cater to all publics when applied to gambling, it is safe to bet that different gambler profiles will find something that appeals to them. With that in mind, have a look at some of the best boosts online blackjack has got from technology—and see which one you could have fun with.

Live dealer

If heading to your local land-based casino is not convenient when you want to play, worry not; you can now connect to an actual dealer without leaving your sofa. Blackjack is not dependent on an elaborate table and a high number of participants, which means all it takes is a dealer streaming a video of themself from their casino for players to dive into gambling. That is why a concept that simple works so perfectly.

A real human dealing the cards from a real deck can only become better with the addition of interaction, and the best thing regarding Live Dealer is that interacting with a said dealer is also possible for an extra realistic feel. This is undeniably the best practice one can have to understand the game’s strategy before venturing into a casino to play in person for real money — or never leave home at all since you now have your personal card dealer.

Virtual reality

The second closest you can get to the real game after interacting with a person is going VR. The concept of VR found a true place in online gambling precisely because the setting is particularly relevant for a pleasant moment—the best casinos absorb players and make them forget everything else, even time. As is the case with VR games in other genres, the headset is needed, and players must remember some might feel slightly nauseated after prolonged use.

By using the VR headset, players are able to enjoy an immersive experience that replicates an actual casino setting with a virtual dealer. Bailey, as she is called, will welcome you to the table, let you bet to your heart’s content (figuratively; there are no real money transactions) and proceed to deal the cards from her deck. It’s a realistic and gripping twist on the classic with a friendly animated dealer. What’s not to like about it?


Improving graphics has always been at the centre of gaming evolution, so this is an expected and very welcome step. 3D technology has given online blackjack games crisper graphics and more fluid, convincing animations for an impressive effect on players and observers alike.

Besides the dealer’s avatar, gamblers can expect to see their own character and those of other players, since it boasts the possibility of multiplayer. Up to three players can share the table, place their wagers and play at the same time, which is one of the ingredients for an authentic gambling challenge.


A natural step for many genres, mobile gaming has also brought novelty to blackjack fans. Naturally, the best part of it is being able to put your luck and skills to test while commuting or travelling, for example, but being able to bet and pocket real money is hardly a detail. One can, in fact, have the same experience online blackjack offers by playing different variants while adding to their bankroll.

An extra bonus about technologies is that they are often found together in the best games, and in this case, this means mobile meets 3D. In this combination, players can have both sharp graphics and player interaction on their phone through 3D mobile blackjack games.

Streaming and twitch

Those more acquainted with gaming might appreciate watching their favourite games being live streamed via twitch or other platforms, and that has benefited gamblers as well. Now players can not only watch and enjoy but also and learn from more experienced players—we are talking casino games in which luck isn’t the only factor and therefore something can be learnt.

Blackjack is the case of a game where luck alones does not dictate how playing goes, so learning by watching an adept player unfold strategy at the table is a lesson (and quite an experience). The availability means different pros will stream their play, so there is room for choosiness when picking who to watch.

The already remarkable experience of winning and losing at Blackjack, honing skills in the process, is now improved and more accessible. Whether you want more practice before challenging others in your local casino or simply an enhanced version of the online classic, these gaming technologies can deliver what you are looking for. Why not experiment with them all and see which ones you can add to your personal favourites list?

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