X018: State of Decay 2 Zedhunter Update Brings New Ways to Fight the Zombie Horde

At Microsoft’s big X018 event, Undead Labs announced some new content coming soon to State of Decay 2. The Zedhunter update is free and brings new weapons and items to the game for players to use. The update will be available on November 16.

Here is everything new in this free update:


  • Eight new crossbows
  • Three new melee weapons (aka SWORDS!) – the Wraith, Mamba, and Masterwork Bokken (which is a blunt training sword)
  • Three new close combat weapons (aka knives)
  • Five brand new blood plague consumables – the Zedbait (attracts zombies), Zedeye (allows you to see in the dark), Zedrenaline (gives a temporary boost to health and stamina), Scentblock (makes you invisible to zeds), and bloater gas grenades + launcher
  • A facility mod to craft additional blood plague consumables
  • The ability to craft crossbows + bolts in your home base
  • A new re-spec option (to reset a survivors core skill specializations


Also, Undead Labs announced that a new difficulty setting will be coming in 2019 and the first games map will be coming to State of Decay 2 in 2019 now called the Return to Trumble Valley map.

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