5 Ways To Increase Your Odds Of Winning The Lottery

It’s not hard to see what the appeal of the lottery is for many people because in one night, picking the right numbers could potentially net you enough money to ensure that your family will be set for life for generations to come. Of course, it’s not that easy, because the odds of picking the right numbers to win the big jackpots are so low that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do of winning the lottery.

That hasn’t stopped some people from trying to find ways to improve their odds, however. Let’s look at five of the most well-known methods that people have employed to improve their chances of winning the lottery, and what level of success each may realistically bring you.

Join A Lottery Pool

One of the most common ways you see people trying to improve their odds of winning is by joining a lottery pool, often with friends or co-workers who agree to split the prize money should any of the tickets turn up a winner. By spreading the cost out among multiple people, the group is able to buy many more lottery tickets then if they each went in individually while spending the same amount of money.

The idea is that, even though you will now have to split the prize with other people, each member of the group would still receive a substantial enough sum of money to make it worth it.

Buying More Lottery Tickets

While this may not be the most creative solution or one that would necessarily be embraced by anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on lottery tickets, it is at least mathematically sound.  More tickets equal more chances to win, and in fact, a group of students from MIT once figured out how to all but guarantee themselves hefty lottery winnings by merely buying up massive amounts of tickets.

Schemes like that are unlikely to work for most people, especially given that lottery officials are always on the lookout for those kinds of weaknesses that allow people to game the system.  That said, the fact remains that you can significantly increase your chances of winning just by buying more tickets.

Don’t Pick Numbers Other People Are Likely To

This may not necessarily increase your odds of winning per se, but it will decrease the likelihood that you would have to split your prize with others should you hit on the winning numbers. Statistically, it’s prevalent for people who play the lottery to pick numbers that hold some sort of meaning to them, often birthdays.

Because of this, picking numbers 1 to 31, or filling in the numbers in some kind of visual pattern such as diagonally or in shapes, are things to avoid.  Sticking to numbers at the higher end, or even letting the computer randomly pick your numbers for you are often better strategies.

Know Which Numbers Really Do Get Picked More Than Others

Commercials for law firms are very fond of including a phrase stating that past results are no guarantee of future outcomes.  Even though the same holds true for lottery drawings, it’s hard to argue with hard statistics that show specific numbers are drawn on a far more regular basis than others. For example, the United Kingdom’s national lottery has reported that the numbers 23, 31, 38, 25, 33, and 11 were the most widely drawn since the lottery’s creation in 1994, while 13 was by far the least common.

This data obviously can’t be used in any way to explicitly guarantee that commonly drawn numbers will be pulled with the same frequency in the future, much less project that any number will be drawn with any degree of certainty.  As random draws go, however, this is the closest we have to anything resembling a scientifically derived pattern.


Play Lotto Games With Smaller Prizes

One of the reasons the big jackpots get so significant is that so many people have their eyes on the big bucks, and as a result, they’re intentionally designed to have far lower odds of winning.  Games with smaller payouts offer a higher chance of winning, and while you won’t get rich overnight from doing it this way (and possibly not at all), you stand to win a lot more consistently than if you just go for the big jackpots and nothing else.

Even though none of the strategies mentioned above in any way guarantee success, history has shown that they do increase your odds of winning to some degree.  If you’re a lottery enthusiast, LottoGo.com is the best platform for betting on lotteries online from around the world. Bet on jackpots, play instant win games, buy scratchcards, and more!


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