Bungie Outlines the Black Armory and the Future of Destiny 2 in new ViDoc

Destiny 2: Forsaken has brought new life to Bungie’s online shooter and they aren’t planning on letting it die anytime soon. Today they released a new video and information on the Annual Pass and the future of Destiny 2.

Season five of Destiny 2 kicks off today and it is known as the Season of the Forge. The big update starts next week though with the release of The Black Armory on December 4. Those who own the Annual Pass will gain access to it and other content that will roll out until March 4, 2019. This new content also brings with it a power increase of 50 letting guardians now reach 650 max power. Bungie says they plan to do this with the next two Annual Pass updates as well which should let us reach 750 by the time that it’s done.

You’ll meet a new character in The Black Armory called Ada-1. She is an Exo gunsmith who is one of the last remaining Golden Age gunsmiths. She tasks you with reclaiming four Lost Forges that were run by Norse, French, and Japanese gunsmiths in the past. Each week you’ll get a new forge to reclaim so it will run on a four week rotation.

Destiny 2

These Lost Forges are a new three-player activity that offer matchmaking. They are basically a horde mode where the three of you fight waves of enemies while trying to repair the forge. Players will be rewarded with lots of loot for their trouble including new armor sets, new weapons with unique mods and even several new Exotic guns.

There will also be a brand new raid in the Black Armory called Scourge of the Past. This isn’t a raid lair but in fact a new raid set in Earth’s Last City.

As far as the future there will be plenty of events and more for players to engage in. The Dawning Event will run in a few weeks and Crimson Days returns in February. There is lots more so check out the pictures here for all the details and check out that new video.

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