How To Dress Properly at Casinos?

When you hear the word ‘casino’, what comes to mind? Take a second to think about it. From the moment you enter you are hit by the big halls, closer to absolute darkness than properly lit. Gorgeous waitresses going to and fro between lines of poker tables and roulette stations, not to mention the seemingly endless rows of slot machines. All of these are images you frequently get in your head when you think of a casino, right? Well, if you are like most people, it means that the above applies to you; but, it also means that you have overlooked an important detail. The one thing that you probably haven’t thought about is, what you are wearing in that scenario.

When playing in casinos, it is essential that you wear clothes; mostly because of your country’s laws, it is not a good idea to get yourself arrested and charged with indecent exposure on a fun night. So, it is established that unless you are using 918kiss, which is an online slot machine game, you have to be clothed. But that is not why you are here, is it? You obviously did not go through the trouble of looking online just to know if you should wear clothes when you are going to a casino. In fact, as we researched this topic, we were wishing it was that simple.

We regret to inform you that it is far from simple; when going to a casino, there is so much that you should take into consideration. However, most of these things are trivial in comparison to a casino’s dress code. After all, you have to get inside the casino first, then you can worry about getting stares from the people on the table next to you.

There are several classes of casinos, to each their own standards, rules and subsequently, dress code. If you are a frequent gambler, you will know that there is a vast difference between going to an intercontinental grade casino and an underground casino in a shady ally. If you’re not the type of person who just wants to laze around at home, playing scr888, and would actually like to get out there and make a grand entrance, then let’s go over the options you’ll need to keep in mind before you head out to the casino.

Common Dress Codes

–         White Tie

If you do not recognize this one by name, you might know it better by its other name, Full Evening Dress. In order to get the full picture of what you should dress like if you were to abide by that dress code, imagine yourself going to attend a highly prestigious event at Buckingham Palace. It is the most formal dress code known to mankind.

Think of it as going back in time. For men, it consists mainly of a white long-sleeved shirt, single cuffs fastened with cufflinks, a detachable wing collar and a white bow tie. The shirt is then followed by a waistcoat and to top it off, a black tailcoat. Needless to say, black shoes and pants are essential.

As for women, it is much simpler. As the name suggests, women should wear a full evening dress. It is up to you to accompany the dress with your choice of jewelry, a coat or a wrap or any other accessory.

Just a thought: If you are one of those people who never take anything seriously or are physically incapable of behaving like fully grown adults, you can wear funny looking cufflinks or ridiculous looking socks; yellow striped socks are usually a crowd favorite.

–         Black Tie

The second most formal dress code, often dubbed as “Cravate Noire”, the literal French translation of the word. It was created based on what the American and British upper classes used to wear during the 19th century.

Essentially, the attire consists of a black bow tie (as the name suggests), a white shirt, a waistcoat and a dinner jacket; a British phrase meaning, tuxedo. For women, an evening dress or gown would be most appropriate.

A black tie dress code is often the existing dress code at weddings, the opera and fancy theatres. In addition, it is the one you will run into the most if you are planning to hit any of the high-end Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos, as well as, some casinos in Europe with a matching reputation to that of the Casino Monte-Carlo.

Fashion tip: Since it is important to be comfortable while gambling, you can feel free to exchange the waistcoat with a cummerbund. Not only will it look classy, but it will also give you more room to breathe.

–         Black Tie Optional

This is the equivalent of generic brands. In other words, the dress code does not insist that you wear a tuxedo. As long as it qualifies as a dark suit, you should be fine. As you can see it is less formal than black tie, yet, it shares some common factors.

If not going with black tie attire, you should make sure that you wear a dark suit; a rule of thumb is, it should look black from afar. Other than that, a white shirt, a dark or muted tie and dark shoes should provide you with the perfect attire.

As for the women, you are free to choose anything from an evening gown to a cocktail dress. Be mindful of the dress’s length; try to stay away from anything that might be considered too short.

–         Semi-formal

Despite most casinos putting it under the label: formal, this is a rather neutral dress code; it separates formal from informal without leaning too much towards one side. It is the asteroid belt that separates between the inner and outer planets.

Furthermore, a semi-formal attire is usually the most comfortably elegant outfit choice for an evening at the tables. It offers enough comfort for one to eat, drink and enjoy their time gambling while making them look classy enough.

Since it lies halfway between formal and informal, it is only logical for it to be something informal enough for you to wear during the morning while being formal enough to be worn during an event at night.

For women, while the first three classes were, more or less, the same one rule; a full evening gown, a cocktail dress or anything in between, a semi-formal dress code brings forth more complications.

Women have two choices, either to go the easy way and wear a dress or go with the complicated route and wear a multiple piece outfit. For the dresses, you can wear an afternoon dress, a cocktail dress or the world-famous little black dress.

If you choose to go with multiple pieces, your options are a long dressy skirt with a matching top or a combination of dress separates. Here, the complexity lies within the color choices, textures and style guidelines; there is no need to worry, though, most clothing stores usually keep that in mind when designing dress separates.

As for the men, it most appropriate to wear a dark suit and a conservative tie. This does not mean you should not get creative. You can always add a vest or a colored shirt to the mix; just make sure you seal your outfit off with a pair of leather shoes.

Fashion tip: You can pair a little black dress that is not too revealing with a jacket and a pair of formal heels in the morning as a business attire and then at night, take off the jacket and add a jewelry piece or two for an elegant look.

–         Business Formal

According to history, this step in the dress code hierarchy was created due to the fact that in the past, most upper class men had morning coats and evening coats; the manner they wore them in, dictated the differences between formal and informal, and business and pleasure.

As the name suggests, business formal is a way of dressing that is regarded as a formal way of dressing by one’s company or place of employment. In other, less complicated words, they are your usual work clothes.

For the sake of those of us who are self-employed or with employers who are lenient when it comes to dress codes, it is better to go into the details that make a business formal dress code what it is now.

For men, it consists of a business suit and a tie. It is basically the same thing as semi-formal clothing. On the other side, it is a lot different for women. Other than the fact that they should also wear suits or business-appropriate dresses, some companies insist on their employees wearing stockings and heels.

Similar to the semi-formal clothing style, business formal is probably the most comfortable thing you will get to wear while still being allowed into high-end hotels and casinos.

–         Business Casual

This style is closer to the casual side than it is to the business side. Clothing items that qualify here should be relaxed while still maintaining their status as being business appropriate. A simpler description is, clothing that meets the bare minimum of a company’s dress code.

So, for men, ties become no longer a requirement and so do suits. You can wear blazers or sport coats over a polo shirt and accompany them with a pair of slacks, and to top it all off, a pair of loafers.

Meanwhile, women also get to enjoy a little freedom with no stockings or heels. Yes, you heard me, this is a no high heels territory, feel free to wear your beloved pair of closed-toe shoes. Additionally, you get to choose between skirts, slacks or khakis and knit or collared shirts, button down blouses or jackets.

One thing that you must have noticed, this is the first clothing style that doesn’t require men to wear ties. Once you take off your tie, some, not all, fancy casinos regard this as a decline in formality in terms of clothing. This may result in you not being allowed into certain fancy places; especially those with a reputation to uphold.

This does not mean that you won’t be allowed into any casinos since, some do announce that their dress code of choice is, in fact, business casual. Yet, you should understand the value and importance attached to ties.

–         Smart Casual

Smart Casual is quite a vague term. Other than lacking a concrete definition, it is open to personal interpretation. Several dictionaries such as; Oxford and’s 21st Century Lexicon, tried defining the term yet, the closest they could get to was defining it as a casual but neat style of dressing.

Jeans, button down shirts and blazers are fair game for everyone; converse shoes, too. Guys are allowed to wear sport coats or sweaters and any type of brogues or loafer-like shoes. Women can wear casual dresses or pantsuits, button down blouses, as well. They can also wear smart coats along with their choice of neat, straight trousers.

–         Casual

Here we are at the bottom of the dress code pecking order. Casual clothing is as informal as it gets but, there is a difference between informal and pajamas. This is what most people do not know; and they are not to blame since, casual is a vastly broad category.

To correct the misunderstanding, when casinos say “casual,” they do not mean “just grab a pair of sweat pants and walk in.” They mean casual with respect to the place you are visiting; think of it as wearing something enough for you to be comfortable yet, well-dressed.

Men don’t have to wear suits or ties. Bermuda shorts, khakis, jeans, turtlenecks, jumpers and plain t-shirts are all on the table for both genders. Add to that, sun dresses for women.

As broad the term ‘casual’ is, it does not include sandals so, no matter what you do, do not wear sandals to a casino.

Finishing touches

Dressing comfortably is always fun and relieving but, if you live in an area where casinos aren’t popular or unless you never go to casinos, it is a lot more fun to relive the scenario mentioned in the beginning of the article with you dressed to the nines. Dress up, have fun and carpe noctem.

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