These are the Best Countries to Be a Game Developer

The global gaming industry is a $140 billion behemoth that employs millions of people and is home to one of the most coveted job titles on the market right now: game developer. Typical game developers earn high salaries, enjoy exclusive access to some of the hottest releases on the planet, and get to work for some seriously exciting companies.

However, your chances are much better if you happen to be in the right place, with the bulk of the gaming industry being concentrated in just a handful of countries. If you want to make it as a game developer, these are the best countries in which to do so.

1. The United States


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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US is the number one destination for gaming developers, controlling the largest share of the global video gaming industry. Annual gaming revenues in the US amount to about $40 billion, with the country being home to some of the biggest development companies in the business, such as Microsoft, Activation Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts. The Californian tech city of San Francisco is the epicenter of the industry, with a whopping 107 development studios existing in the city.

2. The United Kingdom


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The UK comes in next on the list, being the leading country in Europe for game development. The country of 65 million people has one of the highest numbers of development studios per capita, with titans such as Dambuster Studios, Climax Studios, Boss Alien, and Creative Assembly all being based here. The capital London is possibly the biggest city in the world for game development jobs right now, with around 110 studios existing within the city limits.

3. Sweden


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Next up on the list is Sweden, home to the world’s most famous gaming Youtuber PewDiePie as well as hosting one of the most gaming-addicted populations in the world. The country has a strong track record of producing all kinds of games for a global market, from indie hits to world-famous online casino games. The casino comparison website lists a number of developers that produce casino games such as slots and online roulette for millions of worldwide players, with the Swedish company NetEnt being found in the capital Stockholm. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better climate for ambitious game developers.

4. China


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China has one of the most valuable gaming markets in the world, with a domestic audience that spends over $30 billion annually on video games. World famous development studios such as Tencent, 37 Interactive, and Alpha Group employ tens of thousands of people, producing some of the most well-known video game titles around. The country is also a world leader in emerging gaming sectors, such as mobile gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality, making China a great place for those looking to get on the ground floor of a promising industry.

5. Japan


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It is hardly surprising that the home of Sony, Namco, Nintendo, and Sega features on this list. Japan is a nation of gamers, so it’s only natural that the country has one of the largest game developer jobs markets on the planet. The megacity of Tokyo has a mind-blowing 101 development studios, churning out everything from arcade gaming classics to the latest installments of global franchises like Final Fantasy and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The countries listed above may not be the only places to be a game developer, but they certainly are the best. If you want to land yourself a job as one, best start looking at flights!

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