Preview: Void Vikings (Xbox One)

Arriving on the Xbox Marketplace on January 11th 2019, Void Vikings is a 2.5d space shooter where you fight for your financial life. The unique concept tasks you with choosing your desired education (ship perks) and then immediately going into debt. The money you earn to pay off this debt comes from destroying enemies and melting down the spare parts they drop. The player can also choose to equip or upgrade said parts. Thus creating a dynamic where the player wants to both spend and save.


After each level, your debt will accrue interest, making the goal of paying off your loan extend further from reach. Game difficulty can be tweaked by choosing modes with larger interest, which increases the time it takes to pay off and the risk of death. In addition to the main mode there is an endless “Valhalla” mode where your only goal is to last as long as possible, without worry about debt. After spending some time with Void Vikings, I found it to be most enjoyable for a few runs in between other games. There are a handful of different ships to keep things interesting and extend replay value.


Available to preorder now for just $4.99, Void Vikings puts an interesting spin on a classic genre. Those wondering about achievements can check out the full list here, they seem to be quite a grind, but thankfully the tracker works!



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