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Live Roulette

Live Roulette brings you the experience of real life casinos from the comfort of your home. A real live dealer is present in the game who places the bets and guides you through the game. You can watch them spin the wheel at high resolution from your mobile devices. You are also allowed to interact with the dealer after every spin just like a live casino. Live Roulette allows you to enjoy your favourite roulette game with an authentic experience from anywhere and anytime.

Live Roulette provides you with live casino sounds to create a realistic experience. You can watch the gameplay through multiple cameras from different angles. There is an inbuilt chat function also to increase interactivity. Some live casinos even offer you the advantage of sitting at two tables at once giving you the opportunity to win double. Most of the times you will find a single zero European wheel. The live roulette games are open for 2 mins approximately and in every three minutes, a new number is spun. If you want to try out some of the best live casino games, you can visit You can also check out our review section to assess which online casino will be suitable for you.

Live Blackjack

In live Blackjack games, there are two main types – unlimited Blackjack and seven seat Blackjack. In unlimited Blackjack, one  hand is present where multiple players can play at the same instance. In seven seat Blackjack, seven different hands are present where seven people sit at a virtual table. The local rules of every live casino differ from each other on surrenders, splits and doubles. In live Blackjack, side bets are not generally allowed. Just like Live Roulette, Live Blackjack also comprises numerous cameras from different angles to provide a seamless experience of a brick and mortar casino.

The tables and infrastructure are created in a way to give a real life scenario of a normal casino. You can chat with other players from all around the world from your home which makes this game fun. You have to keep in mind though that many blackjack tactics such as card counting do not work in live casinos. Live Blackjack gives you a sense of community. The chat rooms can be used not only to interact with the dealer, but also with several other players. To add more personalization, the dealers are available in your native languages. Cutting edge technology with distractions, smoke and noise are used to provide an immersive experience. The best part is that you do not have to worry about your personal appearance or dress codes in a live casino.

Live Baccarat

In live Baccarat, there are only two hands despite the fact that multiple players are seated at the table. One hand is of the dealer or Banker and another hand is of the player. After the bet is placed, side bets like Perfect Pair bets, Banker Bonus  and  Player Bonus can be applied. In live Baccarat, the Jacks, Kings and Queens are worth 0 points and Aces are worth 1 point. With multiple camera setup, live Baccarat brings the experience of real life casinos inside the home for the player just like Live Blackjack. Special glass inlays are used to Baccarat control squeeze.


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