What is the Dress Code for Land Based Casinos?

In today’s age of technology, casino goers are more likely to play their favourite casino games online and there are a huge list of sites to choose from. However, there is a certain element to land-based casino establishments that is simply hard to imitate. It could be the presence of real people, interactive gaming or simply the enjoyment of dressing up to go out to a formal event. Dating as far back as 1856, when the first brick and mortar casino was built, people dressed to impress when visiting prestigious establishments. Yet, time has passed and because of evolving times, many still ask the question; “What is the dress code for land based casinos?”

Well, we’ve taken the liberty to dig a bit deeper into the fashion realms of land-based casinos. Check out these categories below.

Dressing For Success at Different Casino Entertainment Venues

Many larger casino establishments tend to host a series of entertaining shows such as concerts, live comedy shows, solo acts and other forms of entertainment such as conferences or even circus events. The general dress code for attending a show at a land-based casino is formal, but what do you wear to any of these above-mentioned events?

Let’s narrow it down:

Concerts and Live Comedy Shows

Generally, there’s no set dress code at comedy shows, but here are some clothing items that you may want to wear:

  • A pair of jeans or dress pants
  • T shirts, golf shirts or a button down shirt
  • A versatile dress up or dress down jacket
  • A pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers.

Casino Nightclubs

Nightclubs may require an entirely different dress code. Here are some ideas to help you along the way.

  • Cocktail attire
  • Formal jackets or blazers
  • Dress pants
  • Dress shoes

Circus Events

Circus events are a different ball game altogether and require you be clothed a certain way much similar to concert or comedy shows, although not as strict as nightclubs and casino halls. Here are a few ideas:

  • Jeans
  • Track pants and top
  • Sneakers
  • T-shirts
  • Denim jackets
  • Baseball caps
  • Soft shoes

Exclusive Gaming Halls – Land-Based Casino Rooms Attire

The dress code for casino gaming halls is strictly formal. This includes smart dresses, heels, suits, jackets, ties and exquisite accessories. If the above isn’t gracing your closet, try find the most formal slacks and jackets. Avoid denim, shorts and open shoes. Collar shirts are preferred over t-shirts and long sleeves are preferred over short sleeves.

The majority of land-based casinos will unfortunately not allow any visitors in wearing open toed shoes or caps. For security purposes, the camera’s need to identify all faces that enter the establishment. This is the main reason as to why no caps or hats are allowed. For more formal casinos, open toed flip-flops are a definite no, however there are casinos operating on coastal resorts that are more lenient. Either way, it would be a good idea to check with the casino as to what is required when being consistent with the dress code of the establishment.

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