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If you’ve ever wanted to play something like Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball in virtual reality then you might want to give Arca’s Path a shot on PlayStation VR. It’s developed by Rebellion who also brought us Battlezone on PlayStation VR along with other non-vr titles such as Sniper Elite. While it isn’t quite the same as those former two games I mentioned, Arca’s Path is still a fun little game about rolling a ball.

Arca's Path

You won’t need any PlayStation Move controllers to play this game or even the Dualshock 4 really. That’s because in Arca’s Path you are given a ball on a course and you have to steer it by just moving your head. As you gaze in a direction you’ll notice a cursor pop up. This is what is used to move the ball and determine the speed at which it moves. If it is closer to the ball it will move at a slower pace while if you shift your gaze a ways ahead of the ball it will speed up. It takes a little getting used to but once you do you’ll be rolling through these courses.

There are 25 levels in total to guide the ball through and each level has checkpoints to hit so that you don’t have to start the whole thing over should you fall off the course. Falling off isn’t as much of a threat in some early levels but things get more difficult the more you complete. Things like moving platforms will be introduced so you’ll have to slow down and be careful about moving the ball to avoid falling off. Other things like pipes, bridges, breakable walls and more all come into play as well. Some levels are more fun than others and by the end I was feeling a bit tired of doing mostly the same things over and over.

Arca's Path

Outside of the 25 campaign levels there is a Time Trial mode you can play as well to give yourself an even bigger challenge. Each level in the game also has collectible crystals you can gather up should you want a reason to keep playing. Besides that though there isn’t much else to do in the game and after having spent around 4 hours with it I was pretty much done. It would’ve been nice if there was at least some kind of online leaderboard integration so that you could compare your level times with other players. There is a story to the game which is about a girl trying to escape from a junk heap. She finds what is basically a VR headset that transports her to this other world. Some other fun little twists happen which I won’t speak about. All of the story is told through these motion comic like sequences which I found to be very well done and honestly wished there was more of them.

Arca's Path

The visuals in the game look very good in the headset with each level springing to life with color before your eyes. The only issue with this is that because the ball moves where you are looking I wasn’t able to kind of gaze at all of the scenery and admire it as much as I would’ve liked while playing. The game also is complimented by a nice synth soundtrack that fits rather well with the story going on here. There is no Platinum trophy in the game but there are 12 in total you can earn. You’ll get them for finishing all the levels, getting gold in all time trials, collecting all the crystals, and a few other random things.

Arca’s Path is the type of game that I can recommend to both VR veterans and to those who have never played games much at all. The easy to grasp control scheme of just looking where you want the ball to go makes it simple to pick this game up. It’s got beautiful courses, a nice soundtrack, and provides more challenges as you progress. It does get to be a little stale by the end and a couple more reasons to keep playing would’ve been nice but if you’re looking for a new puzzle like game give this one a try.

*Arca’s Path is out now on PlayStation VR. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review. ThisGenGaming is an official partner of where you can find all of our PlayStation VR reviews.


Arca's Path





  • Easy control system that anyone could pick up and play
  • Courses get more challenging as you play
  • Interesting little sci-fi story
  • Beautiful visuals and pleasant soundtrack


  • Not a lot of incentive to keep playing after you finish
  • Levels start to feel repetitive towards the end

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