Dick Wilde 2 Launches on VR Devices this February with Cross-Play Support

Publisher PlayStack has announced that their commercial and critical successful VR title Dick Wilde is getting a sequel this February.

Dick Wilde 2 is on the way and it will include many of the features that fans have asked for. The game will have new locales and even more vicious critters than before. The game will be available on PlayStation VR and PC VR devices and PS4 and PC players will even be able to play together with online cross-play support. Read more about the game below.

Faced with his gravest challenge yet, exterminator extraordinaire Dick Wilde has enlisted the help of two promising apprentices ready to fight the deadly ooze and its disgusting dwellers. These guys n’ gals are fixin’ to clear them swamplands with all-new super-powered weapons – from gravity guns to arrows infused with divine lightning. In fact, word has it they got a-hankerin’ for a little overkill, filling the sky with mortar strikes and AI assassin drones

For a franchise first – Dick Wilde 2 will feature cross-platform VR online co-op, meaning that PS4 and PC fans can play together. Filling the shoes of Dick Wilde’s two apprentices, you and a friend can rid the swamp of those nasties, both in VR!

Dick Wilde 2 will launch on PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive worldwide in February 2019. The PS4 version yet again delivers Bolverk’s critically acclaimed PlayStation Aim and PlayStation Move support to give best-in-class precision and control.

Other major fan-requested features have made their way into the game, including a wider range of difficulty settings, insane power-ups and screen-filling fearsome boss fights!

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