Atari Flashback Classics Review – PlayStation Vita

Many people’s first introduction to video games was with an Atari but not myself. I didn’t grow up playing Atari games as I didn’t get my first video game system until I was given a Sega Genesis. However, even if like myself you didn’t own an Atari you probably have heard of many of the games that were on there such as Pac-Man, Pong, Asteroids, etc. I’ve played versions of all of those at some point in my life now but if you’re one of those people who haven’t or if you want to revisit those classics there is a package where you can do just that. Over the past couple of years there have been several volumes released on the current generation consoles bringing many of these classic games back. If you’ve wanted to play them on the go though Atari Flashback Classics on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita (reviewed here) might be the best deal you can find.

atari flashback classics

Atari Flashback Classics is a huge package of 150 games that will really take you back. Yes all of the games that were part of the 1-3 volumes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are all here in this single package on the Vita and Nintendo Switch. For this review I’ve listed all 150 that you can find included.

  1. 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe 2600
  2. A Game of Concentration 2600
  3. Adventure 2600
  4. Adventure II 2600
  5. Air Raiders ™ 2600
  6. Air-Sea Battle 2600
  7. Aquaventure 2600
  8. Armor Ambush ™ 2600
  9. Asteroids 2600
  10. Asteroids Arcade
  11. Asteroids 5200
  12. Asteroids Deluxe Arcade
  13. Astroblast ™ 2600
  14. Atari Baseball Arcade
  15. Atari Basketball Arcade
  16. Atari Football Arcade
  17. Atari Soccer Arcade
  18. Atari Video Cube 2600
  19. Avalanche Arcade
  20. Backgammon 2600
  21. Basic Math 2600
  22. Basketball 2600
  23. Black Widow Arcade
  24. Blackjack 2600
  25. Bowling 2600
  26. Brain Games 2600
  27. Breakout 2600
  28. Canyon Bomber 2600
  29. Canyon Bomber Arcade
  30. Casino 2600
  31. Centipede 2600
  32. Centipede Arcade
  33. Centipede 5200
  34. Championship Soccer 2600
  35. Checkers 2600
  36. Chess 2600
  37. Circus Atari 2600
  38. Code Breaker 2600
  39. Combat 2600
  40. Combat 2 2600
  41. Countermeasure 5200
  42. Crystal Castles 2600
  43. Crystal Castles Arcade
  44. Dark Cavern ™ (Night Stalker) 2600
  45. Demons to Diamonds 2600
  46. Desert Falcon 2600
  47. Destroyer Arcade
  48. Dodge ‘Em 2600
  49. Dominos Arcade
  50. Double Dunk 2600
  51. Fatal Run 2600
  52. Final Legacy 5200
  53. Fire Truck/Smokey Joe Arcade
  54. Flag Capture 2600
  55. Football 2600
  56. Frog Pond 2600
  57. Frogs and Flies 2600
  58. Golf 2600
  59. Gravitar 2600
  60. Gravitar Arcade
  61. Hangman 2600
  62. Haunted House 2600
  63. Holey Moley 2600
  64. Home Run 2600
  65. Human Cannonball 2600
  66. International Soccer ™ 2600
  67. Liberator Arcade
  68. Lunar Lander Arcade
  69. Major Havoc Arcade
  70. Maze Craze 2600
  71. Maze Invaders Arcade
  72. Micro-gammon 5200
  73. Millipede 5200
  74. Millipede 2600
  75. Millipede Arcade
  76. Miniature Golf 5200
  77. Miniature Golf 2600
  78. Missile Command 5200
  79. Missile Command 2600
  80. Missile Command Arcade
  81. Monte Carlo Arcade
  82. MotoRodeo 2600
  83. Night Driver 2600
  84. Off the Wall 2600
  85. Outlaw 2600
  86. Pong Arcade
  87. Pool Shark Arcade
  88. Quadrun 2600
  89. Race 2600
  90. Radar Lock 2600
  91. Realsports Baseball 5200
  92. Realsports Baseball 2600
  93. Realsports Basketball 5200
  94. Realsports Basketball 2600
  95. Realsports Boxing 2600
  96. Realsports Football 5200
  97. Realsports Football 2600
  98. Realsports Soccer 2600
  99. Realsports Tennis 5200
  100. Realsports Tennis 2600
  101. Realsports Volleyball 5200
  102. Realsports Volleyball 2600
  103. Red Baron Arcade
  104. Return to Haunted House 2600
  105. Saboteur 2600
  106. Save Mary 2600
  107. Sea Battle ™ 2600
  108. Secret Quest 2600
  109. Sentinel 2600
  110. Sky Diver Arcade
  111. Sky Diver 2600
  112. Slot Machine 2600
  113. Slot Racers 2600
  114. Space Attack™ 2600
  115. Space Duel Arcade
  116. Spacewar 2600
  117. Sprint Arcade
  118. Sprint Master 2600
  119. Star Raiders 5200
  120. Star Raiders 2600
  121. Star Strike™ 2600
  122. Starship 2600
  123. Steeplechase 2600
  124. Stellar Track 2600
  125. Street Racer 2600
  126. Stunt Cycle 2600
  127. Sub Commander 2600
  128. Super Baseball 2600
  129. Super Breakout 5200
  130. Super Breakout 2600
  131. Super Breakout Arcade
  132. Super Bug Arcade
  133. Super Challenge ™ Baseball 2600
  134. Super Challenge ™ Football 2600
  135. Super Football 2600
  136. Surround 2600
  137. Sword Fight™ 2600
  138. Swordquest: Earthworld 2600
  139. Swordquest: Fireworld 2600
  140. Swordquest: Waterworld 2600
  141. Tempest 2600
  142. Tempest Arcade
  143. Video Olympics 2600
  144. Video Pinball 2600
  145. Warlords 2600
  146. Warlords Arcade
  147. Wizard 2600
  148. Xari Arena 5200
  149. Yars’ Return 2600
  150. Yars’ Revenge 2600

That’s quite the list and quite the bargain when you look at the fact that this is only $20. It’s not just the huge lineup of games either as you can tell a lot of though and care was put into this. On the main menu for instance, many of the games are displayed with their full original box art while others display what the actual arcade cabinet looked like both of which are great touches. Also the non-cabinet games have their full manuals included as well that you can read through which is just astounding. They include the option to zoom in on them too so you really don’t have to worry too much about being able to read them on the small screen that the Vita has.

Actually playing the games and whether you enjoy them depends on the game. Obviously with 150 games some are worth playing more than others. As someone who didn’t grow up playing a lot of these games I’d say most of them I didn’t enjoy. There’s a handful that I have played or that I was able to get into despite never touching them before but there were far more that just confused me or that didn’t control well. In that respect, you’ll probably get more enjoyment out of this package if you have played most of these.

atari flashback classics

A lot of the games have the original Atari controls pop up on the bottom of the screen when you start them to show you where the old controls are mapped to on the Vita controls. It’s also fast and easy to jump into a game and then jump back to the main menu or reset the game if you aren’t enjoying a particular one. You’ll find no load screens here. All of the games are sorted alphabetically but if you wanted them sorted any other way you can’t. It would’ve been nice to click a button to favorite the ones I enjoyed most for easy access.

Being on the Vita the game also has trophies tied to many of the games to work towards. Another neat incentive to play is the fact that all the multiplayer games offer multiplayer support letting you play either ad-hoc or online. The only problem is that there isn’t really anyone else playing online. If you happen to know people personally though it’s great that the option is here so that you could arrange jumping in together. Many but not all of the game also offer online leaderboard support though letting you see how your scores stack up against the rest of the world.

atari flashback classics

While I didn’t enjoy a lot of the games here I can see how this collection would be perfect for those who are more familiar with the games. I enjoyed diving into Pong, Asteroids, and others but someone else who grew up playing these games will get far more enjoyment out of it. Plus the fact that you are getting 150 games for a bargain price is hard to not recommend even if you just want to see where games were back near the start.

*Atari Flashback Classics is out now on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. Reviewed on PlayStation Vita. Review key provided by the publisher.

Atari Flashback Classics





  • Huge Collection of Classic Games to Play
  • Pays Great Respect to the Games by Offering Manuals and Original Cabinet and Box Arts
  • Fast and Easy to Jump Into and Out of All the Games
  • Local and Online Multiplayer Support Offers More Reasons to Play Longer


  • No Way to Favorite or Get to the Games You Enjoy Most Quickly
  • Was Unable to Find Anyone Playing Online
  • A Lot of the Games Just Weren't Fun to Me to Play
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