Tips To Get Started In Old School RuneScape

You will get the option to choose the gender and appearance of your character once you login into the game after creating an account. After customizing the chosen character, you will begin your journey in the game at the Tutorial Island. It is important for you to pay attention to everything you will learn at the Tutorial Island as this is an opportunity for you to learn more about the game.


Before you move to the destination, you should carefully follow the instructions in the tutorial. Fishing is a skill in the game and you will learn how to use the skill from the first instructor you will come across in the game.

You will need to tap the flashing arrow in order to fish a shrimp from the pool. In order to get a small fishing net, you will need to talk to the Survival Expert in the game. If you want to check the items you have in your inventory, you will need to open the inventory present on the right-hand side of your screen. Players get the opportunity to gain experience points and learn new skills by performing certain tasks. Higher levels will have new unlocks. After completing the fishing tutorial, you will need to talk to the Survival Expert again in order to move on.

Firemaking and Woodcutting

You will get a tinderbox and a bronze axe once you talk to the instructor. In order to complete the tutorial, you will have to cook the shrimp caught earlier. For cooking the shrimp, you will need logs.

You can get these logs with the help of woodcutting skill by cutting down trees with the help of an axe. To light a fire, you will need to tap the tinderbox and then the log.


For cooking the shrimp, you will need to tap on the shrimp in your inventory. Follow it with tapping the fire in order to cook the shrimp. You will get to learn more about cooking once you reach higher levels. In order to learn how to make a bread, you will need to speak with the chef. You will get flour and water from the chef when you talk to him.

To make the dough, you will need to mix flour and water. In order to make the bread, you will have to tap on the cooking range. However, first you need to ensure that all the required items are already there in the inventory. You are free to move on after making the first loaf of bread.


You will find a boot icon in the top right of your screen right next to the mini map. Simply tap on it to toggle a run or walk. Running requires energy and the energy is slowly regenerated when the character is not running.

You also have the option of zooming in or out or rotating the camera view in order to get a better view. There is the option of tapping on the mini map in order to make it easier for your character to move.


You get to see every quest in the game by opening the quest journal. In order to understand the working of quests, you need to talk to the quest guide for further explanation.

A red colored quest means it hasn’t been started yet. The color of quest changes to yellow when you start it and it turns to green once it is completed. This color coding allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the quests that have been completed, that have been started and the quests that are still remaining.

In order to get more information, you will need to tap on the quest. In case you haven’t started it, you will get to know how to begin and the requirements. If the quest is still in progress, you will find information on what to do next.

Finding quests is relatively easy. Just check the quest icon on the mini map. There are many different types of quests in the RuneScape world ranging from hunting down dragons to collecting beads among others. Your character will get rewarded with all sorts of things by completing quests. Some of these rewards include better equipment and new zones/areas.

Use the ladder to move into the cave to get further into the tutorial.

If you want to get ahead earlier then why not buy old School Runescape gold – this can be a wise move.

Smithing and Mining

You will get a bronze pickaxe when you speak to the mining instructor who is called Dezzick. For mining, you will need to tap the rock. In order to figure out the rock type, you will need to tap it and hold, and then choose the prospect option.

To get a bronze bar, you will need to mine copper and then smelt copper ore and tin ore. To start the furnace, you need to simply tap on it similar to the process of making the bread.

In order to learn how to make a weapon, you will need to talk to the mining instructor. For smithing, your character will need a hammer and an anvil. An anvil is located near the character and you can easily find it on the mini map. The mining instructor will provide you with a hammer when you ask for it.

For smithing, you need to tap on the anvil and choose the dagger for smithing.


This is the part you have been waiting for so long. You will get to learn melee as well as ranged combat from Vannaka who is the greatest swordsman alive.

To equip your weapon, you will need to open the inventory and tap on the dagger. After equipping the dagger, you need to talk to the instructor in order to get a sword and a shield. You should equip both of these before moving on.

You also have the option of choosing the attack style for use in combat from the combat interface. Different types of attack styles offer different types of experiences. Different monsters have certain weaknesses against specific attack styles and this is why, switching the attack style is extremely important.

You will need to tap on the enemy target in order to attack. In order to learn more about ranged attacking, you will need to talk to the instructor again. Attack the monsters after equipping with a bow and arrow.


For storing items, you will have to tap on the booth. Withdrawing or depositing items is easier as you just need to tap on the items. Banks also contain poll booths.

Poll booths allow you to vote on future updates in the game in order to decide whether a particular update should be released or not. Members with skill total of 300 are allowed to vote. A gaming update should gain at least 75% support in order to be released as it helps in preserving the old school character of this particular game.

There is space at the bottom left corner of the screen in order to manage your account. All the accounts are free but you can always buy membership in order to unlock member’s world as well as other benefits that offer extra zones, skills and quests along with much more content.

You also have the option of buying bond using gold to buy membership in case you do not want to spend any real money.


If you want to find more about prayer, you will need to go to the chapel. Prayer can help players a lot in combat.

Your prayer points will drain quickly if you engage in active prayer. You can recharge these points by finding a holy spot or an altar and praying there. For activating or deactivating prayers, you will need to tap on it.

When your enemies are defeated, most of them will drop bones. When you bury bones, your character will get prayer experiences that will enhance the level of the prayers.

Ignore And Friends Lists

Making friends in games such as old school RuneScape is extremely important. You have the ability to either block people or add people. You can also easily see friends who are online in the list.


Magic is the last instructor in the tutorial. You will get some Air Runes and Mind Runes by talking to the instructor. You need runes to cast spells.

In order to complete the final tutorial, you will need to kill the chicken with windstrike and then, speak with the Magic instructor. You will then teleport to Lumbridge which is the first major area.


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