Top Ways To Make Money as a Video Game Fan

While most people search for ways to earn money online, few realize that playing games can earn them an income. Having more fun than you imagined while getting paid is the type of job most of us only dream about. There are many sites that claim to pay you to play but the methods and platforms listed below pay on time and are reliable and trusted. How can that be? Let’s take a look.


Since YouTube launched over 14 years ago, its following has increased tremendously. Today it is one of the top ways to make money online – if you know how to create videos that the public will love, that is. Video options are diverse and here you can share anything from singing to home improvement. Some of the YouTube top earners include online gamers like Vegetta777, with his favorite game Minecraft, among others. YouTube stars are from all walks of life with no age or gender discrimination. They’re the true self-made celebrities of the digital world.


Twitch is a gaming lover’s paradise! As a now Amazon-owned platform that originally launched in 2011, it has firmly grounded itself as one of the largest social gaming video platforms in the world. It serves 100 million visitors to 1.5 million broadcasters. While Twitch started as a basic streaming service and gameplay viewing platform, it grew exponentially into a legitimate source of income with top Twitchers earning the sort of money that is well above average households. There are several ways that you can use Twitch, including subscriptions where viewers buy their subscription with a 50/50 split between Twitch and broadcasters, and other options in which gamers are earning more than 50%. The top gaming streamer for 2018 is Kristen Valnicek with an estimated net worth of $300,000 and more than 945,000 followers. Playing under the name KittyPlays, this female gamer plays twice a day with games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike. A gamer worth $500,000 is Tyler with more than 1,845,000 followers, who rose to fame playing League of Legends and currently sits third on the Twitch top-players list.

Exodus 3000

The multiplayer Exodus 3000 RPG strategy game is an exciting alternative to games like Dungeons and Dragons. Players get 5,000 free Mars dollars simply for registering, without the need to install software. When you start playing you will be performing actions like attacking other players, searching ruins, mining volcanos, forming alliances and building your empire while earning Mars Dollars in the process. Every month you can exchange your MD earned for real cash with your money withdrawn through PayPal. 300,000 Mars Dollars are equivalent to $20. Something worth noticing is that the developers have paid out over $65,000.00 since 2006, which is something to consider too.

Game Testers is an excellent example of how to make money online especially when you look at the amount paid counter running at the top of their website. The earnings paid to date while still running stands at a whopping $1,552.486. They are accepting players to playtest games from developers like Activision, SEGA, Konami and EA. Gamers undergo vigorous testing to verify competency to test alpha versions of video games. Hardcore gamers with excellent analytical skills get paid to test and play games per hour. The hourly rate depends on skill and game type but you can expect minimum earnings of $50 and up to $150 per hour, which is not bad for doing something you thoroughly enjoy.


If you are prepared to spend some time answering surveys and watch videos, you can play a range of arcade games that are paid in Swagbucks. If you are not interested in completing internet tasks or taking part in tournaments, you can also access the Swagbucks pay-to-play games. It might not make sense to pay to play, however, for each $1 you pay, you earn 18 Swagbucks and you win more with pay-to-play games that give you additional winnings and earnings. The advantage is that Swagbucks are exchanged for gift cards to use on larger retail shopping sites like Amazon or paid in cash via PayPal. This trusted website has paid over $150 million since its inception and signing up is not only free, but you get $10 for doing so.


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Most people love playing games online but only the savvy ones know how to play games, do what they love most and get paid – money does talk after all. These games are played via mobile or computer and you do not even need to invest in any gaming console. Who would have thought that you can earn money simply by being awesome on the internet and enjoying the pleasures of gaming with others?

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