Tekken 7’s Second Season Pass Ends Later this Month with the Arrival of Julia and Negan

Tekken 7’s second season of DLC will finish later this month with the arrival of both Julia and Negan. Both fighters will be for sale separately and as part of the second season pass starting on February 28th.

This was announced at Evo Japan where Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada said that Tekken 7 will still receive support after the launch of these two fighters but didn’t indicate whether that means future fighters or just balance changes. You can check both Julia and Negan out in the trailer below.

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  1. Lol stopped caring after this scam of a “multi” Season Pass thing was announced. Pure scum move on their part. Put a load of garbage guest characters nobody ever wanted into the season pass “ONE”, as they never called it. Then charge for real Tekken characters when I would be happy with them just getting on with a new Tekken game and letting the characters in the game simply be the roster of this game. I didn’t care when Anna wasn’t in Tekken 4 so why would I care now? Its okay to let a character skip a game like they have been doing the past 2 decades.

    And why would I care about a game that I stopped playing in less than 24 hours after I completed everything there was to do in it? The other characters outside of the main story didn’t even have a proper arcade mode/story mode you could play. It was just one fight and then a garbage inengine cutscene that plays on the terrible looking arena you just fought in. It was just terrible.

    Tekken is dead to me now and I ignored Soul Calibur VI for that very same reason of multi season passes. Thanks Namco. You were the last great fighter that had lots of fighters on day one.

    • Not sure if you’ve noticed but pretty much every fighting game does multiple seasons of fighters now. Street Fighter V has 4 seasons, Injustice 2 had two, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Xenoverse 2 have multiple. It’s just what they do now and honestly I’m fine with it. It means I don’t have to wait for a sequel to get new characters. I hope Super Smash Bros. Ultimate does a second season after the first one wraps up.

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