ROCCAT Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Product Review

I’ve reviewed a few ROCCAT gaming products on the site now, and each time I’m more and more impressed with how great they are. With that being said it was no surprise to me that once again, ROCCAT have outdone themselves with the Suora FX gaming keyboard. I’ve reviewed a few keyboards previously which were as good as I said they were, but they don’t come close to the design and quality that I’ve become such a fan of since I started reviewing ROCCAT products about a year or so ago.

Why is the Suora FX so impressive?

That is something you will probably be wondering, and to that question I will say what I always say, design, design and once again DESIGN! That is something that ROCCAT seems to get almost perfect for me when it comes to gaming products which is why I’m such a big fan of what they do. The Suora FX is compact, which is perfect for those who don’t want a keyboard with a huge border taking up more room than you want. The keys, although not the quietest, are a delight to press over and over again. I also found the keys simple to use in games, with every key that I wanted to press being pressed with an impact that I just found so satisfying.

Would it really be a ROCCAT product without the stylish presentation? As per usual, ROCCAT has gone all out to make the Suora FX stand out like no other keyboard will. I’m still getting used to how incredible a lit up keyboard looks after many years of boring keyboards, but there’s more to illumination that just what colours it uses when you first start the Suora FX up. You can completely customize the keyboard to your liking, with each key being completely customizable. Why stop at just changing colours? How about you really push the presentation of a keyboard to the limit by choosing from different lighting effects that can also be done instantly with the click of either 4 keys to cycle through each style.

Like many other ROCCAT products, the Suora FX is built to last. You will be able to feel the same thing I did when I first got hold of it, the keyboard feels like it’s ready to take a beating, and that you’re not getting a cheaply made product at all. Each and every key on there felt solid, and was made with the gamer in mind because we all know how much of a beating those keys can take in an intense gaming session.

The Suora FX will put you back around £90 depending on where you purchase it from, which for some might be a steep price but I think for what you would be getting, it’s a pretty fair price. You will be getting a keyboard that will last you a long time, don’t expect to be returning this in a few weeks time because one of the keys have become an issue. ROCCAT is all about quality, design, presentation and durability. You can expect to get that when purchasing the Suora FX, I’ve used mine for a while now and it’s taken a beating, but it’s still working as if it was just taken out of the box and used for the first time.

If you are currently looking for a new gaming keyboard that has a lot of style to it then in my opinion ROCCAT’s Suora FX is the one to go for. You will not be disappointed as I also continue to be more and more impressed with ROCCAT’s gaming range.


ROCCAT Suora FX Gaming Keyboard





  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Satisfying To Use

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