Can Two Gaming Worlds Ever Find Common Ground?

Video gamers and slot machine players have traditionally been viewed as separate groups. While those in either party might indulge in each other’s activities from time to time, their main motivations are very different.

Different motivations

Ever since the first arcade titles were released, video game players have always been interested in skill, gameplay and high scores and many of those retro titles are still popular today, per There is no underlying desire to rely on luck to achieve their goal, and there is no financial motivation drawing them to their gaming console.

In contrast, video slot players understand that luck plays a major role in whether they are successful or not. And their main motivation for playing is to win money.

For decades, the gamers and the gamblers have been treated very differently by those providing their services. But recently, developers from either side of the fence have noticed that there is, in fact, some common ground between the two.

A common experience

Video slot players are becoming increasingly driven by inventive gameplay, impressive graphics and the overall gaming experience. The quest for a cash win is still their main priority, but they want to be entertained along the way as is evident by the huge range of titles available at top gaming sites such as From Vikings Unleashed to Ruby Walsh Champion’s Gold, the number of themed slots aimed at just about every genre imaginable is testament to the fact that there are slot fans from all walks of life with many different interests.

Likewise, games developers, fully aware of the huge amount of money gamers are willing to invest in their pastime have started to wonder if there is a crossover point where videos games and slots could hit a sweet spot that would appeal to both parties.

Skill vs. luck

The difficulty is how to bring the two together in an effective way. Would video gamers who pride themselves on skill be willing to accept gambling elements within new titles? And would slot players be willing to invest the time and effort required to master a top video game title in order to win something when right now they can push a few buttons and hope that luck goes their way?

Player validation

But casino games and online slots developers have already started the process of adding gaming elements to their titles. The inclusion of special symbols to boost power, earn extra spins and open new levels or games-within-games is straight out of the video game playbook. These features create a more immersive gaming experience that can keep players engaged for longer periods and give them the feeling they have some control over what is unfolding.

On the flip side, video gamers who complete a level are usually rewarded in some way. Whether it is via a morale-boosting victory scene or with in-game trinkets that can be used later, that feeling of winning the ‘jackpot’ is replicated through non-financial means. Both sets of players require this validation of their efforts, and this is where the common ground lies.


So what does the future hold for gaming? Here’s one article that attempts to look ahead: And are these efforts to bring these two gaming models together justified? Only time will tell, but the gamification of casino and slot games looks like being more than just a fad. How far and for how long this crossover continues remains to be seen.

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