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Indie developer Bolverk Games and Publisher Playstack got to release their first PlayStation VR title back in 2017 called Dick Wilde. It was a wave based VR shooter that had some issues the biggest of which was the punishing difficulty. In this early VR landscape we haven’t seen many actual sequels yet but Bolverk Games decided to take feedback from the community and try their hand on this again. Enter Dick Wilde 2, a sequel that adds features like Co-op among other community requested fixes to hopefully improve on what the first game started.

Dick Wilde 2

Like the first game Dick Wilde 2 can be experienced using dual PlayStation Move controllers or the PlayStation Aim controller (yay for more Aim supported games.) Depending on which you choose the gameplay is a little different as using the Aim controller limits you to one gun while using the Move controllers allows you to dual wield. Both control options feel fantastic in this game so you can’t go wrong with using either one in my opinion. As far as the gameplay goes this is still very much a wave based shooter like the first game but with some changes and improvements in areas. You start off in a hub like area with Dick just chilling and some things laying around for you to toy around with. From here you can then jump into the actual campaign.

The campaign mode starts off with access to a few different levels that when beaten unlock more levels. Each level also grades you on your performance giving you 1-3 stars which are tied to different criteria. There are around 30 levels in total with some being standard levels, some being weapon challenge levels, and then your boss battles. Every level is filled with radioactive sea life which want to kill you as well as environmental objects that will damage you too if you don’t destroy them. As you are blasting these things into oblivion you’ll earn cash for your efforts that can be spent on new weapons for your repertoire or on items to help you out. The weapons here are OK but they did seem to be more standard types compared to some of the wilder stuff the first game went with which was disappointing to me. I always appreciate some imagination in my weaponry and for some reason this second game regresses in this area instead of progressing.

Dick Wilde 2

The biggest improvement over the original I enjoyed about this game was the fact that it isn’t as difficult. Look I enjoy games that make no apologies in kicking your butt like the Souls franchise but the original Dick Wilde just had some brutal difficulty spikes. For the most part this second game is better balanced but that’s not to say there isn’t a challenge to still be found here. The developer just does a better job of building up to it this time around. As I already mentioned you can also play the game with a friend online now which also makes the game a bit easier. It also supports Cross-Play so that you can play with friends on PlayStation VR, Oculus, or HTC Vive. Opening up your online player base is always a welcome addition.

Dick Wilde 2

There isn’t a whole lot else to say about Dick Wilde 2 actually. I played through the campaign which lasted a few hours and tried out the co-op missions for this review but after that I feel little reason to return to it. At the end of the day it is another wave based VR shooter and there are certainly no lack of them on PlayStation VR already. I enjoy the colorful art style here and there is fun to be had but whether it’s for you will come down to your personal taste. I was hoping for a Platinum trophy this time around to work towards but sadly we once again don’t get one of those either.

If you played the first game and wished the difficulty was a little more accessible or wished you could play it with a buddy you’ll find both of those things are now possible in Dick Wilde 2. If you’ve had your fill of these wave based/shooting gallery VR titles though I’m not sure there is anything here that will get you to jump in.

*Dick Wilde 2 is out now on PlayStation VR. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review key provided by the publisher for this review. See this review and all of our VR reviews on vrgamecritic.com

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Dick Wilde 2





  • Using either the Move Controllers or Aim Controller feels great
  • Online co-op + Cross-Play let's you blast mutant fish with a friend
  • Difficulty better balanced over the first game
  • Clean, cartoony visual style


  • Wished there was more inventive weapons
  • Doesn't do a lot to stand out from other wave based VR shooters
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