New Details About Shenmue III Revealed at MAGIC 2019

Today at MAGIC 2019, Ys Net and Yu Suzuki held a panel revealing a new trailer for Shenmue III and providing new details about the upcoming game.

Yu Suzuki revealed that the game will have over 500 NPC characters in total. Choubu, the game’s second main area was originally only going to have 50 NPC characters so this number is pretty huge. Regarding the combat in the game, he said that Ryo will have all of his original moves once again and that the game will feature some combat similar to Virtua Fighter.

Suzuki also said that players will be able to buy rods and bait for Fishing and you’ll be able to take part in fishing competitions as well. The game will feature plenty of shops each with different items. Buying food and eating will affect your stamina depending on the item consumed.

The game will also have two modes which are Automatic Transmission and Manual Transmission. Automatic is being made for less experienced players and allows them to set and string together combos consisting of five moves that can be pulled off with a simple trigger. Manual Transmission is for the more seasoned players and lets you choose how to engage in the combat. Enemies will also have different fighting stances that players can learn to identify to know how to approach them.

Shenmue III is currently set to launch on the PlayStation 4 and PC on August 27 this year. Let’s hope that it makes that date.

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