Devil May Cry 5 Guide: How to Get a Massive Amount of Red Orbs Fast

Are you still trying to collect enough Red orbs in Devil May Cry 5 to unlock every skill in the game? Wishing you could speed the process up somehow? Then this guide is for you as there is a fast and easy way to amass millions of red orbs.

Keep in mind that you will need a few things first in order to do this trick. First you must’ve reached mission 13 in the story. Next you have to have the Dr. Faust Hat equipped in your gun slot. Then you want to have your style set to Gunslinger. Also to get the most out of this and get orbs as fast as possible you’ll want to buy some upgrades for the Dr. Faust weapon. These should be the Hat Trick ability and and four upgrades for the hat. Now these can be expensive with the fourth upgrade costing 500,000 orbs but it is well worth it. You have to spend orbs in order to make orbs a lot faster.

Devil May Cry 5

Now this is how this works. Dr. Faust is a weapon with a risk/reward factor to it. The weapons spends your orbs in order to hurt your enemies. However when you kill enemies with it you get a massive amount of red orbs in return. If you get hit while using the hat then you’ll lose orbs. This whole process revolves around you holding the R1 button and pressing circle to throw your hat which will fly in a circle hitting any nearby enemies and draining red orbs from them before the hat returns to you. You basically just want to keep doing this move over and over to rack up orbs quickly. The Hat Trick ability is important because if you press the square button just as the hat returns to you, Dante will do a move that will further deal a ton of damage to all the enemies and make you even more orbs.

Now in Mission 13 you want to advance up to the final checkpoint in the mission. You’ll know it when you drop down a hole and see the Divinity Statue where you  upgrade your skills. When you drop down into the next room you’ll have to destroy multiple demon gates to stop the enemies from respawning. Don’t do that and instead just let the enemies come to you over and over and do the move over and over with the hat in order to farm orbs. The enemies don’t last forever so just keep doing it until there are no more and then pause and restart from checkpoint. You’ll start over from the room with the Divinity statue and can then drop back down the hole and start again.

Devil May Cry 5

By doing this trick you can get well over 100,000 orbs per minute. Before you know it you’ll have enough red orbs to even buy those 3 million taunt upgrades.

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