5 Etiquettes and Rules of a Wristwatch

Inside your wardrobe, you must have clothes for every specific occasion and the same goes for watches as well. It is not that everybody owns multiple watches to abide by the expectation of the occasion, but the truth be told, watches are no different than apparels. You will never see Kendall Jenner or George Clooney’s wrists with watches that don’t match with their outfits. Consider this as rule number one or the most basic one which is to be followed. Men often make bad choices in this regard and women generally ace in this department. And most importantly you don’t need to be a fashion expert to understand all this because this stuff because it is pretty basic and easy to pick up. IWC Portuguese offers a wide range of wristwatches and takes complete care of all the varieties that a buyer can get. It is like one shop under which you can get all your shopping done as per your different requirements.

The below mentioned six rules will always keep your wrist game at the top:

  1. Dark Shade Complements Dark and Light Shade Complements Light

If you are going out to an event and you have chosen to wear a dark tuxedo, then your best option is to go with a dark color watch. And the same will work when you wear a light shade outfit. If the color of your watch complements the color of your outfit, then congratulations, you have made the right choice. The other thing to keep in mind here is the night and day combination. We usually wear light shades in the bright afternoon, and we wear the opposite shades in the night. Watches are no different.


  1. Don’t Check Your Watch Too Often

You meet people from different backgrounds when you are attending a social event or a party. While talking to someone, it is considered rude and unprofessional to keep checking the time frequently. Such an activity showcases the lack of interest of an individual towards that event or for those kinds of people. Even though that might not be your intention, but your colleague might take you for granted after such a gesture.


  1. Avoid Buying Oversized Watches

The fancy big and oversized watches saw a huge rise in their sales, but things have again come back to normal. The big dial watches are too elaborate to be put on a wrist and are unprofessional. Choosing the correct size of the dial should be the goal whenever you shop for a wristwatch.


  1. Roll Your Eyes from All the Bling

A lot of expensive wristwatches are available that have ornaments encrusted on them. Diamond watches are the most popular ones, but they are all about the show-off. Choosing a watch that defines your sophistication is any day a much better choice than a one that makes other people feel jealous or a little less of you.


  1. You Don’t Have To Wear the Same Watch Everyday

There is no compulsion on you to keep enjoying the utility of one single watch. Always keep your options open. A gentleman should not only have a habit of keep tasting a new wine but should also try modern wristwatches from time to time.

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