Darksiders 3 is Getting an Awesome Armageddon New Game+ Mode Very Soon, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Gunfire Games held a Q&A today regarding Darksiders 3’s upcoming New Game Plus mode and shed some details on what changes players can look forward to when this update hits.

Armageddon Mode is the name for Darksiders 3’s new game plus mode and it will come with a total of 9 levels. Each time you complete a playthrough you unlock the next level which increases difficulty and brings new encounters and new items every time. They are hoping to release this update this week if everything goes smoothly. There seems to be quite a lot here to look forward to so check the full patch notes out below.

Introducing Armageddon Mode

Armageddon is Darksiders 3 new game plus mode. There are 9 levels of Armageddon, completing one unlocks the next level. With each new level of Armageddon, the difficulty increases, new items will begin to drop, and new encounters begin to appear. Items and their upgrade levels carry over, however the weapons must be reacquired through natural . Weapon levels are maintained, but still locked behind acquiring them via in game events. All DLC progression will be reset upon starting a new Armageddon Mode, and must be unlocked again naturally in the new playthrough. All rewards and tokens will carry over into the new game.

Armageddon Mode Features:

  • Armageddon mode goes up to +9: once that has been completed players will be able to continually play that level over and over again.
  • Upgrade Armor: Oblivion Ore can now be found on specific enemies. Turning these Shards into Ulthane will allow any armor in the game to be upgraded.
  • Wisdom Shards: These Shards can be found in Armageddon mode. Shattering these shards will temporarily boost the souls collected from defeated enemies.
  • New Encounters: New encounters and a new enemy have been added to Armageddon Modes.
  • New Achievements and Trophies: 3 new achievements have been added related to Armageddon Mode
  • New Lurcher Clusters: Unique items that were collected in a previous playthroughs are replaced with large lurcher crystals.

New General Features:

  • Reckoning Difficulty: Darksiders 3 Apocalyptic Difficulty too easy? A new difficulty has been added where Fury’s dodge windows are smaller, the enemies hit harder and can withstand more damage.
  • Arcane Shard: A new item that will temporarily boost Arcane Damage that will drop from enemies and can be purchased from Vulgrim.
  • Large Healing Shard: A Larger Healing shard has been added that will drop from enemies and can be purchased from Vulgrim.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Weapons can now be upgraded to +13
  • Spend 5 Attribute Points at a Time: If the points are available, players can invest 5 points at a time into a single Attribute.
  • Hide HUD: There is now an option for hiding the HUD.
  • Flip Y-Axis: Option added to flip Horizontal Camera Axis


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