Sony Just Dropped the First Details about the PlayStation 5, PSVR Support, Backward Compatibility and Everything Else We Know

Sony has dropped a bomb this morning and announced the first details about their next generation game console which will likely be called the PlayStation 5.

In an interview with Wired, Mark Cerny sat down to provide a glimpse at what Sony has planned for their next console. Mark Cerny, the lead system architect of the PlayStation 4, will once again be the system’s chief architect on this new console that has been in development for four years now.

One of the biggest features that people will be excited to know is that the PlayStation 5 will in fact be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games. The PlayStation VR headset will also be compatible with the PlayStation 5 and while Cerny didn’t give details about a next generation PlayStation VR it’s safe to assume that one of those is on the way too.

PlayStation 5 will also support physical media still so don’t worry about it being a digital only console. Cerny also stressed that it will not launch in 2019 so a 2020 launch is probably safe to assume.

It will feature a vastly improved CPU and GPU and feature support for Ray-tracing and 3D audio. It will also feature a SSD for faster load times. Cerny did a demonstration of this by playing Marvel’s Spider-Man and using the fast travel system. On the current console it took around 15 seconds to the process to finish. On this new console with the SSD the time was reduced to a mere 0.8 seconds.

The last feature is that it will support 8K resolution which to me is a little silly given that we just got 4K but they are just future proofing I guess. You can read a nice recap of all of the information we know about below.

  • Mark Cerny is once again the Lead System Architect.
  • 8 core AMD 7nm Zen 2 based on third generation Ryzen.
  • Ray-tracing support with custom AMD Navi GPU.
  • Custom AMD unit for 3D Audio, also aided by ray-tracing, a big upgrade.
  • Extremely fast high-end custom SSD storage faster than any solution currently available for PC:
    Spider-Man load times on PS4 Pro: 15 seconds → 0.8 seconds on next-gen PlayStation.
  • Technically supports 8K but Cerny demoed Spider-Man load speed improvements on a 4K screen.
  • New Virtual Reality platform strongly hinted at but also supports current PSVR (meaning millions of VR users ‘day one’).
  • Death Stranding might be a cross-gen title (speculation in article based on Cerny reply).
  • Physical Media.
  • Backwards Compatible with at least PS4.
  • Four years in development so far.
  • 2020.

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