Days Gone Getting Free Post-Launch Content Starting in June

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bend Studio have announced that while Days Gone is releasing this Friday they will continue to support the game post-launch.

That post-launch content plan will begin in June and will include a brand new Survivor difficulty mode along with weekly challenges. Players will be able to earn new trophies and new customization items for their bike if they can complete these challenges while the new Survivor difficulty will really put your skills to the test. You can read a bit more about both of these below.

Survival Difficulty

“Survival” difficulty mode tests players by daring them to beat the story with increased difficulty settings, no fast travel or Survival Vision, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the gameplay screen. Every tweak and change made is designed to further immerse players and ratchet up the tension to make this the definitive survival experience.

Weekly Challenges

Each week beginning in June, a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge will be deployed to test players even further. These challenges take key gameplay features of Days Gone, and twists them in unique ways to earn additional items and rewards. We’ll give you more information on the specific challenges down the road.

Beating the Survival Difficulty and challenges won’t be in vain—players can earn new trophies and unique bike skins to show off in photo mode to prove they’re bonafide Days Gone survivors.

Days Gone releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 this Friday, April 26.

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