Ways to Record High Quality Gaming Videos

Nowadays there are lots of tools that you can use to record gaming videos. However you may find that the quality of the videos that you record doesn’t exactly match your expectations.

If you want to start to record high quality gaming videos, there are several ways to go about it:

  • Record at high resolutions and frame rates

High resolutions make for videos with excellent definition, and high frame rates make them look smooth – so you should try to increase both. The standard to shoot for is a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of at least 30fps, though 60fps would be better.

Just be aware that recording gaming videos at high resolutions and frame rates does require significant system resources – which may be a problem on some computers.

  • Optimize the in-game graphics settings

The quality of the gaming videos that you record will be based on the quality of the graphics on your screen. That includes the in-game resolution, frame rate, and other graphics settings.

In theory if your computer is powerful enough you can record the best quality of videos by setting the graphics to the highest settings that are available. However in practice that may cause performance issues and your game’s frame rate may end up being extremely low – especially while you’re recording.

That is why it is better to optimize your in-game graphics settings with performance in mind. Try to test the game performance while recording, and reduce some settings slightly if necessary.

  • Improve the microphone audio quality

Many gaming videos include audio commentary recorded via a microphone. If yours does too, you should try to take steps to improve the microphone audio quality.

Ideally you should make sure you have a decent microphone that lets you record good audio. On top of that it can help to wear a headset to ensure the microphone doesn’t pick up any audio from your speakers, and try to eliminate other sources of background noise too.

Ultimately your goal should be to record microphone audio that sounds crisp and clear.

  • Encode videos in the right format and settings

After the videos are recorded they should be encoded using the right format and video settings. The format should be based on how the video will be used, whereas the video settings should match the settings used to capture the video.

If necessary you can use Online Video Converter to convert videos into the right format later on. Seeing as it is a video converter online you won’t need to download or install any files, and can upload your gaming video and choose the format that you want to use.

Following all these steps should allow you to improve the quality of your gaming videos by quite a bit. At the end of the day the one factor that may stand in your way is your computer’s performance. Unfortunately the only way around that is to upgrade key areas of your PC, such as the RAM or graphics card – or by switching to a SSD.

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