4 Games With Unexpected Plot Twist

Creative writers who create plots always like to add a twist to it to keep readers engaged. These plot twists aren’t limited to movies alone. There are some games that are written with amazing plots that would leave players asking for more. If you’re thinking of developing a game, you can talk to a writer from a website like My Paper Done to help write a plot with an unexpected twist. There are many games to get inspiration from when it comes to writing plots.

4 Games With Unexpected Plot Twist

  1. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

This game got many awards and is one of the most mind-blowing games of all time for good reason. It is one of the greatest Star Wars stories ever written. In the story, the star player hears stories about the Jedi hero, Darth Revan, who allegedly traveled to an unknown place. Later, the Jedi Hero returns with a Sith invasion force and Malak, an apprentice. After struggling to retrace Revan and Malak throughout the game, the player eventually discovers that he had been controlling Revan the entire time because his memory was wiped by the Jedi.

  1. Silent Hill 2

The writer of this game took the plot twist to an entirely different level. James Sunderland is at the center of the story and he decides to move to Silent Hill after receiving reading a letter from his dead wife. Eventually, it was revealed that he was the one responsible for his wife’s death and that the piece of paper which contained the message from his wife was blank. Turns out that everything was a manifestation of his emotions due to the guilt he felt after killing his wife. The writer behind this plot knew exactly how to introduce the plot twist in a shocking way that keeps the player engaged.

  1. BioShock

This is another amazing game with an unexpected plot twist. Jack is a survivor of a plane crash who has to be the hero in an underwater city that is full of anarchy. Andrew Ryan, the leader of the city, is leading a civil war against Atlas. Jack, the player, has to go through extremely difficult situations just so that Atlas can win Ryan. Throughout the game, Jack does anything Atlas requests as long as the sentence starts with “would you kindly”. It wasn’t until halfway into the game that the truth was revealed. Apparently, Jack was brainwashed to follow every instruction that starts with those lines.

  1. Metroid

This is one of the best games from Nintendo Entertainment with a plot twist you would never see coming. The main character Samus Aran is a well-built man with ripped abs of steel. The crazy plot twist is that Aran was a woman and not a man throughout the entire game. This was an amazing twist as no one expected something like that because of how macho Aran looks.


These four games have some of the best unexpected plot twists of all-time. Your writer can use them as inspiration for creating your own game plot with an unexpected twist.

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