Coupon Hacks That Will Score You Cheap Video Games

Gone are the days when video games were a reserve for teenage boys. Everyone has joined the bandwagon and is fully immersed in the world of gaming. According to WePC, the video gaming market is projected to hit $90 billion by 2020, up from the 2017 figure of $78.61. If you are a gaming guru, you can totally relate with this.

The truth of the matter is that playing video games requires money – which is largely scarce. This is why gamers are always in the hunt for any good deal for a game. Cheap video games are available for those who know how to uncover coupons and other bargains and use them appropriately. Here are a few coupon hacks that will get you crazy video game deals.

1. Exercise Patience

Surprise! We bet you didn’t see this one coming but hey! It is a powerful couponing hack for playing video games and scoring good deals on other products as well. If you can master the art of being patient, you’ll save a ton of many on many blockbuster games.

In all honesty, patience doesn’t play out for everyone and in every circumstance. There are times you’ll want nothing more than to play some games on release and that’s perfectly fine but for the most part, it pays to wait a little bit.

Here’s a good example: The well-acclaimed “Far Cry 5” blockbuster shooter cost $60 when it first hit the market on March 27, 2018. About two months later, the very same game retailed for $45 at both Amazon and Gamestop. Another game “Assassin’s Creed Origins” which happened to be a hot game and which was released on October 27, 2017, went from $60 to $30 within four months. If you can a little patient, you can rack in huge savings on your game purchases.

2. Sign Up For As Many Email Subscriptions As You Can

The best way to find video games coupons is on the internet. Typically, these are store coupons that let you play for a 10-20% discount or a $50 off for a bundled package. If you are lucky, you can even score some “Buy 2 Games Get 1 Free”.

Game Deals is a big marketplace where you can get the latest games at affordable prices. Moreover, with top Games Deal coupons, you can score huge discounts.

Obviously, these deals will not come knocking at your door. You’ll have to go out of your way to search for them.

The most effective way of knowing when a deal is up for grabs is by signing up for emails from various stores such as Gamestop and online coupon sites like RetailMeNot ( for video games discounts at Redbox and GameFly)

3. Keep An Eye On Steam

If you are a gaming guru, you probably know Steam. Perhaps you have even bought a few games from them. Steam is your number one website for a vast collection of video games. You will find sports games, simulation, photo editing, and even Indi games therein. The site has both free and low-priced games and can be easily downloaded on the TV or PC. Playing video games on Steam is a serious bargain in itself but you can make the deal even sweeter by using their coupons. The massive site is known for its high discounts on video games (up to 90% off – sometimes higher). Expectedly, these deals aren’t permanent so check back on a regular basis.

4. Be a part of the CAG community

Beside Steam and coupon sites, another gamer’s valuable asset is the famous, or in short, CAG. The site, run by David “CheapyD” Abrams is your go-to place for out-of-this-world video gaming deals. Even after years of finding and talking about deals, CAG remains one of the most active forums out there.

Expect CAG posters to find all video game bargains from leading retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart with detailed information about whether the deal is good or not. Furthermore, the CAG community is always spot on when it comes to flash sales on Fry or Amazon’s Electronics. iPhone and Android games, or simply telling you where to find a 20% coupon for your favorite PlayStation.

5. Score deals of gift cards

If all else fails and you really want to play but can’t seem to find a good deal anywhere, don’t sweat it. Some sites like Rakuten often have small discounts on specific gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch digital stores. All you have to do is snatch up gift card codes at an attractive discount and pay for the game. This strategy is pretty much like scoring a discount on virtually every game you like.

Video games are unreservedly entertaining and unapologetically immersive no wonder everyone from a preschooler to an old nanny wants a piece of the gaming pie. However, if you aren’t careful, you can spend a fortune on purchasing video games—the more reason to polish your couponing skills in order to get serious bargains on most if not all of your video games.



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