Path of Exile Guide for killing the hardest bosses

In Path of Exile there are some ways which can entertain you. One of them is the farming processes. Mapping is a fun way to have a good gaming session and earn some PoE currency. But what are you going to do when this Mapping process becomes boring? Path of Exile is the host for the most fearless bosses. There are 3 toughest bosses in the game and you might wonder how can you farm them? How can you kill the hardest bosses in the game? Let`s find out together.

The Shaper`s Guardians boss

Right in the center of your Atlas, you will find the tier 16 maps. This is where you can find the Shapers Guardians. There are some important aspects about each guardian so let`s dig in.  The first guardian is Hydra. Hydra is a bow and arrow type of boss. You have to be careful for her strongest ability because she can do somewhere around 5k damage. Chimera is the second guardian and it is no so difficult as it looks. He won`t do much damage but it will take a while to defeat him. The key to kill him is to be patient. The third guardian is Phoenix and is probably the most simplistic Guardian. Simplistic but lethal, he has that looks like a dash and he will come forward. You have to dodge this attack if you want to stay alive. The last Guardian is the Minotaur and this is where you are going to need the good gear. So, you will need patience, skill and more than 5k hp.

Uber Atziri

Before you attempt to kill Uber Atziri, you have to know that there is also an easier form of this boss which is simple called Atziri. To fight the normal Atziri, you need to gather all four Sacrifice Fragments Dusk, Noon, Midnight and Dawn. You then pop them in your Atlas device to star the fight against normal Atziri.  She will wait for you at the top of a long staircase. Watch out for her phases because she has a lot. The easiest one is the minion phase. During this phase, she will go immune in the middle and minions will spawn and walk towards her. Make sure you kill them before they get there, or they will heal her. It’s a good way to replenish your flasks. Her other phase is a split phase, where she separates into four different copies of herself. Three of them do basic attacks, but the one holding the mirror reflects all damage, and you can easily kill yourself on her, so keep an eye out.

Her three main attacks are very straight forward. One is just a simple spin with spears coming at you. The second attack will create some Flameblasts. And the third is a powerful lightning that strikes the floor.

The Elder

Last but not least, The Elder is also a powerful boss in Pats of Exile. In order to spawn the Elder, you have to make sure his influence covers a large portion of your map. There are three tiers of Elders, depending on whether he spawns on a white, yellow, or red map. If you get the red Elder, you`ll be in for some fun. His attacks are not so special. He just shoots some Ice Spears, physical attacks and some teleportation abilities.

Be careful which boss you choose to farm, but should you succeed you’ll receive hefty amounts of currency and items you can sell!

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