Rage 2 Review: The Amusing Short-Lived Gameplay

There were many different games that came out in 2019 and the best thing is that there are more to come. It seems like the gaming industry is booming at the moment, however, does this very fast pace of releasing new games compromise their quality or there are more companies that develop games?

Well, both things can be considered, we have seen some poor attempts for making gaming sequels in a very short period. Furthermore, there are a lot of gaming studios that started producing amazing games. This year introduced us to Rage 2, produced by Bethesda, and in the further text we will review all the characteristics of the game and find out if it is any good.

Rage 2 is a game that is infused with iD Software’s DNA, this means that the people that created Doom and Mad Max so you can start to expect what kind of game it is. We’ve got the first-person open-world shooter in which the action takes place in 2165. As we saw in a lot of new games today, the world is apocalyptic, and players try to take control of sole survivor Ranger Walker by creating alliances and building your power in order to take down the military known as the Authority.

The design of the open world shares some similarities with Fallout and Far Cry which is a good thing. There are a lot of characters that you will meet that will be eager to tell you their story and truly lunatic characters that are hard to forget. The style of the game is like a fusion between Mad Max and Doom, that’s why you can expect the insanity from the game.

The majority of time spent in the open world is combined by finding currencies and materials that can be used to upgrade your character. There will be a lot of enemies that will try to stop you, however, there is no feeling of danger in the game and it seems like you always hold all the cards in your hand.

Which is kind of disappointing just because there are a lot of unique designs in the game and somehow, they feel pointless just because it is too easy. The guns are amazing. There are many different types with different abilities and some of them will amaze you for sure.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics of the game are good, and the visuals are amazing sometimes in combat. There were some complaints from fans just because it seems that ID Software decided to add pink color everywhere.

Despite the wide range of weapons, your character can gain superpowers. All of the superpowers are spread across the open world and you have to find them. You can gain speed, create vortexes, shoot kinetic blasts and much more. This is another underwhelming thing, your character feels overpowered and if you see any enemies, it does not get you excited just because you know that they are no match for you.

The gameplay looks brilliant, the combat has very nice visuals and creative ideas that are not yet seen in games. There are also Mad Max-like vehicles that you can possess to wander across the open world or take part in races which are as exciting and thrilling as horse racing.

Negative things

However, since you finished the main story, you can continue playing for a short amount of time in order to gather all the remaining power-ups and weapons and after that, there is nothing left to do. There is nothing left to offer to keep players returning to the game.

Missions tend to be repetitive. Once you finish the game it all seems pointless just because you will be going in the same places doing the same missions all over again. The only thing that will keep you amused is the interesting combat options.

There are also some issues with the camera that feels disorientating sometimes and UI is weak. The sound effects in the wilderness sometimes sound weird and delayed somehow.


Rage 2 is a very fun game to play with all its chaos and full-on ludicrous mode. Despite the not brilliant combat mechanics, the shooting feels great and it can definitely get you entertained. The journey of building your character is also very good and always focuses you on the goal. As a first-person shooter and non-multiplayer game, it struggles with ‘replayability’ and it does not offer the player something more to enjoy since the story is cleared.


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