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Visual novel video games aren’t for everyone and that is understandable. Not everyone wants to sit down and play the more passive like experience that they offer where you really are doing more reading than interacting. There are many out there in this genre and like any good book the best ones are the ones that have compelling and interesting stories, themes and characters. The latest one I got to play and review is called Our World is Ended that was developed by Red Entertainment and published by PQube.

Our World is Ended

The story of Our World is Ended is about a small video game development team called the Judgement 7. The character you play as, Reiji Misaki , is part of this team. This small team comes up with this new idea for an augmented reality headset only one day while testing it things go wrong. A glitch in the system occurs and the team soon discover that they have been trapped in this alternate reality world based on their own. Not only that but certain things in this alternate reality world have a direct impact on their real world and if not stopped, will have a huge, negative impact on it.

Our World is Ended

As you play the game you find that each of the team members in this game is interesting, different, and have good character development throughout the games run time. The story features plenty of sci-fi mystery and has some nice twists and turns in it. But with all that said the whole story as a whole suffers from the fact that the game puts too much of a focus on the girls and not in a good way. You see when I say too much focus on the girls I mean too much focus on their breasts in particular. I’ve played plenty of games from PQube and other such games and this kind of content isn’t surprising to me but Our World is Ended seems to focus on it a bit TOO much in my opinion. It literally felt like every other scene in this game I was reading something about breasts or other sexual content. This is a long game and constantly having this kind of content thrown at my face just got a bit old and tiresome. There is even some pretty outright creepy content in here that really doesn’t belong in a game. It’s really a shame because while the main story of this game is interesting you can’t ever focus on it because the game is always wasting your time with perverted jokes and spending time talking about breasts.

Our World is Ended

The gameplay in Our World is Ended follows the usual pattern for visual novels. Characters will appear on screen when they are talking or performing actions in the story. At times in the story you can make choices for Reiji to do or say certain things via the Selection of Soul system but this system was really bizarre to me. You see when these moments occur, your choices aren’t just laid out like a Telltale game but rather they scroll across the screen. Should one possible choice scroll past you it is gone and you won’t be able to choose it. However if you pick one as soon as you see it you won’t know what the other choices you could’ve picked were. It’s a weird system that I wish would’ve been presented better to give you an idea of all your choices. Should you want to explore the other possible choices though you can rewind to certain points to pick another answer. The game features eight different endings so you’ll have to play it quite a few times to see them all. There is also an option to skip portions of the game if you’re just trying to rush through parts. You can also set the dialogue to auto scroll so that you can just sit back, watch, and read and not have to click buttons to progress.

Voice acting in the game is good with all of the characters delivering their lines well. The soundtrack was fun to listen to as well and fit into different scenes well and sound effects were a highlight as well. The art and visuals in the game are another highlight with rich and vibrant colors. The world of Asakusa is full of great environments and details. The trophy list for the game is pretty by the book for a visual novel. If you complete all the chapters and see all the endings you should be well on your way to getting the Platinum in it.

Our World is Ended

Our World is Ended shows the potential of being a pretty good visual novel but squanders it away by focusing too much of its attention on perverted, unimportant topics. I wanted to enjoy the sci-fi story at the heart of this game but Reiji and the rest of the Judgement 7 instead thought I would enjoy the constant banter and jokes about the breasts in this game. I have nothing against that but when your story and characters suffer because you focus on that all the time that’s where I draw the line. If this is the kind of content you’re looking for then you might enjoy Our World is Ended more than I did. If you want a visual novel with more focus on the actual story then you better look elsewhere.

*Our World is Ended is out now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Our World is Ended





  • Really Good Art and Visuals
  • Voice Acting is Performed Well and the Soundtrack is Fun
  • Writing can be Interesting and Funny at Times


  • Too Much Focus on the Perverted Content
  • Plot Development is Hampered by the Focus Being Spent Elsewhere Too Often
  • Choice System Should've Been Presented Better
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