8 Reasons Players Love Path of Exile


Path of Exile is an online free game, which is an action-role playing game. This game was developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. This game has strong characters, economy items and currency, Player versus Player competitions and ladder races. Path of Exile has everything a gamer wants to be tied to the screen for. Following are 8 reasons why players love Path of Exile:

  • Path of Exile raises your interest in the story.

Path of Exile, in the game, means that the players finds himself banished on an island, hosted by cursed creatures. Because of these cursed creatures, the players are forced to bond with other players for survival. Thus, the storyline begins in the game. The storyline of Path of Exile happens to raise the interest of the players in the game, and hooks them till the end.

  • You can customize and build your character profoundly and in-depth.

While playing Path of Exile, you are given an enormous space for building your character in the game. Your play earns you skills different sections of the tree. The more you play, the higher sections of the skill tree are unlocked with your consistent and determined playing. Thus, you can enjoy the profound and deep customization and make unique builds of your characters in the game.

  • It’s Graphics Grab Attention.

Most of RPG games do not have catchy and interesting interface. Path of Exile is a game of fantasy genre, and it has an absolutely fascinating interface and graphics. Its colors, environment deisgn, fantasy settings and game’s graphics are very eye-catching and captivating. The design of this game is very unique and catchy. This game has a special exclusive design and interface.

  • This game is available for free!

If you are playing for free, you do not have to worry about the players who are paying for some of the features. You cannot lose the game because you did not spend some money. There are some microtransactions of items in the game, but this does not mean that the entire game is paid to win. You can still give tough competition, and beat the game. This game is won by hard and oldschool grinding and consistent work.

  • Collection of PoE currency is exciting.

Path of Exile currency uses gems, orbs and other currency items, you can earn. Gems and PoE Orbs are required to place in an item socket in order to use its skills. Collection of gems and orbs is an exhilarating feature of Path of Exile. Higher level items require six gem slots, while lower levels may have no sockets. You start to enjoy the game, get competitive, merciless and aggressive during collection of PoE currency for activating your skills. This part of Path of Exile is one of the most exciting for the players.

  • You can earn real money by playing Path of Exile.

Like rest of other online games, you can earn real money by playing Path of Exile. There are in game currency and items marketplaces, you can trade PoE currency and items for real money and make some dollars by playing Path of Exile. This is the best rewarding feature of the game for the players. Some of the players are earning huge cash and are living from it. For example, one of the rarer item Mirror Kalandra, can be sold for $150-300$ dollars.

  • You can have play style of your choice.

This game is for players who want to enjoy their freedom of building their character according to their tendency and preferences. You can experience the game like a Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Shadow, Templar or Scion. The choice rests with you. You can choose any of these styles, depending on your preferable play style. With the passage of time, you will be able to find yourself items and character that suits you.

  • Destination is Beautiful.

The end of the storyline empowers you tremendously by providing you with Atlas of Worlds. By acquiring this stage in the game, you will be able to own the game in a unique way. You will be enabled to begin dungeons, discover new amazing environments and go to new worlds that were unknown to you. You can reach a beautiful destination in the game, and enjoy your game.


Path of Exile is an action-role playing game.  This game has been updated a lot since 2013. It have many customization and builds options, many different skills and in game items. Also, there are new seasons and contents regularly. This is why it has become one of the most exciting and thrilling action games. You can fall in love with this game easily.

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