Why Do We Love Games with Simple Concepts?

If someone asked you to name a list of the most memorable video games of all times, Snake, Tetris, and Angry Birds would all arguably make the list. The first brought us mobile gaming in an age when we didn’t even use our mobiles. The latter took simple concepts and transformed them into frustrating games that had us rapt for hours. When it comes to gaming, simplicity is better, and the history of gaming has continued to show this. So, what are some of the simplest, yet highly exciting, games across all gaming platforms?

Simple PC Games

In A Dark Room is perhaps one of the simplest games, featuring nothing but a blank screen with a series of actions to conduct that produce a series of consequences that build a story. Even the font is the simple Times New Roman, but the game is incredibly addictive through the narrative.

Blackjack online takes the simple task of achieving 21 and beating the dealer and amps up the tension and excitement. Live variations make it even tenser, while some games use different combinations of decks, giving the edge to either the dealer or the player depending on difficulty. Hole.io allows you to play as a sinkhole with the objective to swallow as much of the city as possible, but as you grow, so do the perils that await the sinkhole you control. The gameplay is simple but soothing as you allow your inner penchant for destruction to let loose.

Simple Mobile Games

There are plenty of mobile games to download that have a simple premise. Some games involve a lot of dexterity work, while others are puzzles that need to be solved around the same theme, growing in difficulty each time. The time management game Flight Control gave people a slice of realism as you played navigating air traffic around an airport. With each successful level, the difficulty grows and so does your ability to control the flights in and around the runways.

Fruit Ninja is another incredibly simple game, but the graphics on the mobile and the repetitive nature makes it pleasurable and refreshing. Part of the excitement of the touch screen feature was using your phone as a tool, such as by slicing the fruit. Crossy Road takes the joke of the chicken crossing the road and applies it to a simple game where you play as the chicken crossing the road. The more roads you cross, the harder it becomes.

The trend for hyper-casual gaming may seem like a new one but has been around since gaming first became popular. People enjoy simple games that they can show finesse at being able to improve on and level up as the difficulty increases. Simple games are easy to grasp, which helps players engage with them quickly. From strategic themed simple games to ones involving pure dexterity to those which involve interacting with other players, there are a wide range of games across major gaming platforms and the rise of mobile gaming will likely see this continue.


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