The best web browsers for windows PC

Every PC user has experienced those moments where you are seeking for the right web browser. There are also various reasons and priorities for seeking out what browser you may want to use. This could be in giving priority to fast performance, flexibility levels or even much better security. Whatever the reason is, you always have to make a choice till you are able to find the most suitable for you. The choice of the right web browser to use may yet be a very tricky one, as the browser you use now may not even be the best even while being used on the best laptop.

Below, we have gone ahead to put down the marker for some of the biggest browsers available to you for use on PC from Firefox to those who chose to have an Opera Download.

Google Chrome

This is arguably the best browser around, these days hands down. Google has essentially succeeded in building a browser that is extendable and efficient and well deserving of its top ranking.  The Google Chrome browser has cross platform functionality and is highly stable and brilliantly presentable while taking up the most minimal of spaces.

Google Chrome is also the heaviest browser available in terms of its resource use. It is thus, not quite brilliant on devices that have limited RAM. It does, however, make up for any downside with the ability to support password-free logins through WebAuthn. It also offers various features for any web application developers.

Microsoft Edge

This is the default browser for use on Windows 10 and is not available for older Windows versions. This is indeed a downside for Microsoft, as they essentially are running two browsers side by side. However, the argument is that Edge is the more user-friendly of the two with Explorer being a bit better for enterprise deployment.

Edge is able to integrate properly with Windows 10, after all they were born for each other, so to say. It does also provide maximum support for Cortana and it is also highly optimized for use in the current web age, taking away such insecure protocols as ActiveX and telling you to downgrade t Explorer use if you desire such protocols.

The use of Edge is a very pleasant experience. It is very quick when deployed for use and it has been built not to suffer from the same security breaches that Explorer did suffer.


Sadly, but truthfully, such a great browser as Opera only accounts for only 1 percent of all browsers market. It does launch very fast and comes with a brilliant User Interface. It is also able to offer much more than most of its peers even for good measure that it keeps screaming at every PC user to go ahead and get their Opera download.

There is also the Opera Turbo feature which works to compress web traffic and makes a big difference when we speak bout browser speed despite your internet connection having issues. With the reduction of the amount of data being transferred, the re-routing also dodges any content restrictions which your ISP may place on your browsing. Notably, Opera is also integrated with WhatsApp web and works to duck out of the way if you are making use of secure sites like that of financial services companies in order that the traffic is free and without obstruction f any potential violation of privacy.

There is also an ad-blocker integrated alongside a battery-saving mode option for when your laptop needs to go for longer without charge. All these then combine to make Opera one of the best browsers around and you can see clearly why it gets all the top props.

Mozilla Firefox

Essentially the boss of all browsers. The browser had to go away for a while, get an overhaul and then return to take back what was essentially its – the browser king crown. Mozilla Firefox is very fast, light on system resources and comes with strong privacy tools. It has been known always for its flexibility as well as the key support provided for various extensions.

Firefox is also a very secure browser with its parent body Mozilla being a non-profit and thus, not obliged to sell data for cash as some other browser developers. On a speed level, its competition with Chrome continues and does not look like abating anytime soon. We obviously can see and understand the reason why as we expect more and more better updates to ensure they both continue to try to outdo each other more to your good and mine.


The Vivaldi browser makes this list not just as Microsoft is deploying Edge to cannibalize Explorer, but because it does really deserve its place. The Vivaldi browser is quite customizable with creative interface features. It is built on Chromium which simply means that you can go ahead to expand its features with more extensions form the Chrome Web store with a lot of these extensions working very perfectly on Vivaldi.

Essentially, Vivaldi is quite refreshing and offers very different features from the rest. We believe it will keep gunning for the top as more features are being added to it as time goes by.

While the browsers described above are just a few of the browsers available for use capable of transforming user experience, you can also go ahead to seek out other possible browsers, without relying on the ones that we have described above. However, these browsers are top-notch and will help you enoy the use of the Windows PC ensuring your PC works perfectly well and at top-notch levels.



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