GameSource: Cloud Based Games For Casinos

GameSource is a Macau-based R&D company, who is looking to transform the global gaming industry with the launch of its long-planned cloud based games platform for Macau’s casino floors.

Macau is a city with casinos, just like Las Vegas, which is heavily dominated by traditional table games, especially baccarat. In addition, Macau is capable to pave a way for the future of EGM and online slots gaming.

About GameSource

The GameSource platform will fully unveil in the coming months at MGM Macau. The platform will open up the gaming market, with MGM being the central hub for game developers, casino operators and even regulators.

The company’s founder and Managing Director, Lam Iao says that GameSource is a gaming app store. Upstream, they will allow the casino operators to use it and select a variety of games from their gaming library. Downstream, they will work with individuals like university students and slot content providers, who will develop and provide game content. In other words, GameSource will open the market for newcomers as well.

From a developers perspective, the idea is to remove barriers that may have prevented innovative game concepts for casino floors, by providing all the necessary tools to create games in the GameSource platform. By creating games using the GameSource platform, the developers can have access to an array of compliance-approved modules, like RNGs, security and others. All of these are aimed to achieve regulatory compliance.

The key word for GameSource is “games”, says Lam Iao, who was part of the pre-opening for both Wynn Macar and MGM Macau. He also added, that they have worked with BMM Test Labs in the past 2 years to modularize a set of highly compliant software libraries. The software will allow any newcomer who doesn’t know how to build the game, to actually create a game.

Lam Iao also added that if the newcomer is creative enough, he/she can just use the AML components and build a game, and it doesn’t have to be slots. As long as the game is build by using their software libraries then there are 95% chance of being certified, because they build those components with BMM.

For casino operators, GameSource has put together a number of operation modules that will cover cage operations, slot operations, auditing and more. The modules were developed in consultation with Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, which will allow the regulator to monitor the use of the GameSource platform and its games in real time.

Lam Iao added that their competitors are not using real-time facilities, they always have latencies, GameSource is the first platform in the industry that will provide real time facilities for regulators in order to monitor what is going on. The platform has already patented in 10 jurisdictions, however GameSource is focused on rolling out in four countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia and the United States. More countries will follow after.

Of course, Macau sits on the top three countries, with MGM having a trial version of GameSource. According to Lam, the trial has been doing well and it is expected to switch to a full version in the next month or two, depending on final approvals. Once the platform is fully up and running, its ecosystem will be activated between the regulators, operators and developers.

Lam explains that right now they have 80 games in their library and MGM has selected seven or eight or them. For now the chosen slot games are the local ones, but there are more incoming games, others than slot games. The company is quite unique in the gaming world, because there was a joint venture between MGM Resorts and Pansy Ho. It is the highest compliance in the world, they not only need to comply with the Macau regulatory requirements, but they also need to comply with Nevada’s regulatory requirements.

The two toughest regulatory jurisdictions in the world are Macau and Nevada. If the company can roll out at MGM Macau, they can roll out in Nevada too and everywhere else. Their plan was to always take the top-down approach in order to set the highest industry standard. The company GameSource also has more than 80 team members who work and 99% of them are from Macau, so in the end is truly a Macau product, made by Macau and setting a new standard for the Macau regulator and operators, with the goal of going global.






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