3 New UK Online Casinos that Will Blow Your Mind

Online casinos can get a bit distracting. There are so many choices, and there are so many ways that people could get in line and make things work for them.

With that, there are three new UK online casinos that you could look at to make things even more impressive in terms of your choices, you can find them on http://slotmine.com/ if you feel intrigued.

The Three New Choices

When it comes to casinos, there are three new choices that you can choose from, and they are the following:


  • There is the TonyBet Casino. The TonyBet Casino is one of the top new casinos for a reason. While it does not even have a deposit bonus, people continue to have a relenting experience with it because it is a good one to try. If you are looking at this online casino, it is better to give it a try before not trying it for the lack of the deposit bonus.
  • There is also the BetZet which offers a “no deposit needed” kind of experience.
  • Finally, one can enjoy the Bet Victor where the player can have a lot of rewards.

The New UK Online Casino Games

There are three new UK online casinos that you can choose from, and they are the top ones.


First is Cleopatra. Cleopatra slot machine is one of the most popular games in the world. There is a lot of land-based sports and online casino games that use the Egyptian theme. This release is one of the most popular games, and even in the year 2020, the blend is excellent. It has the following features:

  • It has five reels that would bring such a right slot action to the individual,
  • It has some 20 win lines that could allow a person to enjoy his time and his space with the way that he makes a bet.
  • It has some good free spins.
  • It allows the gamer to have some high payouts.
  • Some free bonus rounds allow a person to enjoy his life.
  • It is a real contender for the best casino game that one needs.
  • In terms of the other features, the graphics are amazing, and the sound effects will take you to a different kind of experience. With an exotic voice, the gamer is kept entertained and with a fun time.
  • You should keep your eyes ready for the Sphinx symbol as well as they come out. Here, you will earn a scatter bonus, and you will enjoy it.
  • You need to trigger the Cleopatra bonus as well. Once it comes out, you will need to earn 15 free spins with all wins.
  • Keep your eye on the price that is worth three times their average value.


The second kind of release that is getting a lot of fun from the UK audience is the Monopoly game.

The Monopoly release comes with the following features:

  • It has five reels so the player would know what he would get.
  • This one is an intensely action-packed slot machine that gets based on the Parker Brothers’ classic board game Monopoly.
  • It has some nine win lines so the player can get the win that he wants if he is lucky enough to win.
  • The bets would range from payment of 2 cents per line up to a vast £50 per line.
  • Mr. Monopoly is first animated as the player spins the reels.
  • The player can get three bonus symbols.


Another option is Zuma.  Zuma is one of the most beautifully designed, classic video slots that every individual would love. It will bring the individual a lot of hours of fun and a lot of hours that could bring an exciting experience.   With the fact that there are some 20 win lines, it means that the player would get the knowledge that he wants and that he would also have a peculiar kind of fun. As you play the game, you would also be able to win more with it.

Make Your Choice

It is hard to make a choice when it comes to the right casino online. With that, you should keep in mind that when you choose a source of virtual reality entertainment, you should look at the ones available on slotmine.

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