How To Become A Professional Poker Player?

Are you getting tired of your 9 to 5 job?

Are you in search of a part/full-time occupation which offers you unlimited thrill and enjoyment?

Online Poker is the perfect option for you!

It is a great game which not only provides unlimited fun and entertainment but also gives innumerable opportunities to win big money.

There are several myths and misconceptions floating over the internet about the nature of the game. Some people still believe that Poker is a chance-based game and winning at the tables depends on luck more than skills.

In reality, Poker playing requires understanding of mathematical concepts, human psychology, and money management. A player has to take every move after properly considering the pot odds, table position, table image, chip stack, and gameplay of opponents. You cannot achieve success in the long run if your actions in the game are based on random guesses.

Poker is a game of planning, observation, and technique.

Poker playing is not just a pastime activity for many. Players from all over the world are playing the game professionally and earning their livelihood with it. In India, Poker fanatics from different parts of the country regularly participate in online and offline real money games and tournaments to earn big profits as well as recognition and fame.

If you want to become a professional Poker player, here are some valuable tips for you:

  1. Study the game

Before joining the tables, go through books, blogs, video tutorials, online forums, or any available informative material about Poker. There are video streaming platforms such as ‘Twitch’ where you can watch players playing live and learn how to develop strategies as per the dynamic situation at the game table.

  1. Play Poker games online

Start playing on online platforms to earn real-time experience of Poker tables. Playing cash games and tournaments (cash or freeroll) will give you the utmost knowledge of Poker lingo, hand ranking, game formats, buy-ins, blinds, prize structure, etc. To learn the basics of the game, you can participate in free games. Major Indian Poker sites like host freeroll games which you can play with practice chips. Playing on your own is the best way to know about betting patterns, odds, table position, and bluffing.

  1. Professional Coaching

Poker enthusiasts who are keen to take up Poker as a profession can opt for professional Poker coaching. They can have guidance and valuable insights from established players and get advanced tricks and tactics of the game. Under the supervision and direction of your mentor, you can learn the ‘ins and outs’ of the game and the best methods to improve your gameplay.

  1. Join a community

Discuss and share your thoughts, queries, and experiences related to the game with other Poker players. Joining an online or offline card gaming community will help you clear your confusions about poker game rules, best hands, calculation of odds, etc. Also, you get regular updates about the upcoming online or live tournaments, prize pools, registration criteria, etc.

  1. Learn Bankroll Management

Poker is not always about winning. There are situations where the player faces bad beats or downswings and requires backup to make sure that the losses won’t hurt him financially. Should you find your losses get out of control and your finances become too much to handle you may want to seek expert help and advice. You can click here to learn more. To become a professional player, you need to learn how to smartly manage a proper bankroll. Bankroll is the dedicated amount of money a player keeps aside exclusively to play Poker. It must be maintained as per the type of player (beginner/recreational player/professional), the game format (ring games/tournaments), buy-in, and the playing style (TAG, LAG, tight passive, loose passive). Your bankroll should be determined by the amount you can afford to lose on the table.

Like any other job, it is crucial to evaluate your performance at the tables and keep tracking your mistakes, wins, losses, and overall results regularly.

Online Poker is growing and expanding its horizons in India nowadays. Earning money through playing Poker is not a tough task if you employ strategy, calculations, and patience in your game. Consistent learning is the key to achieve desired results and reach the top of the game in the long run.

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