Modern Warfare – Four Things We Want To See

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the new Call of Duty that will be releasing later this year. However, unlike other Call of Duty releases this will game will be a soft reboot of the major series “Modern Warfare”. This will allow the developers to bring us a different take on the game such as making other characters have a larger role in the game than they might have had originally. With this “soft reboot” it also allows Infinity Ward to bring back characters that were iconic to the franchise such as Soap and Ghost. Since this is a new game, it allows the developers to implement new features into it that weren’t present in the original game. Here are four things we would like to see in the upcoming Modern Warfare game.

1. Survival Mode

One of the things that we would like to see added to the new Modern Warfare game is a co-op game mode that is similar to the “Survival” mode that was in Modern Warfare 3. If you never played it before, survival was a game mode where you would try and hold off as many waves of enemies as you possibly could. This was a bit like zombies, however it was against enemies that you would face in the campaign. Over time, you would start to earn money (by killing enemies and surviving waves) which you could then spend on new weapons, attachments, perks or even equipment such as clay-mores. The maps you could play it on were the same as the maps that were available in multiplayer, which meant you didn’t have a limited choice on what map you wanted to play on. We already know that we will have a co-op mode in the game and that it will be Spec Ops, which was a great co-op mode. Almost as great as strategy roulette However, it would be great if we could get survival as an additional co-op mode.

2. “Old School” Customisation

Another thing that we would like to see return to Modern Warfare is “old-school” customisation, such as what you would find in the old Call of Duty Games (Modern warfare 2 and black ops 1 games). This is because the customisation for your character would be suitable to the setting of the game, and not bright futuristic customisation we have been seeing in Call of Duty games lately. Since Call of Duty is “going back to its roots”, this would good to see as it would suit the theme of the game and would also help to bring it back to its roots. Futuristic and bright customisation (such as clown outfits) wouldn’t fit in well with the type of game this would be and it would just make everything look out of place.

3. Other Unconfirmed Iconic Characters to Return

Since “Modern Warfare” is going to be a soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series, we are seeing that some of the old iconic characters are coming back into the game such as Captain Price. This means that it would be great if we could also see the return of other iconic characters in the game that might have been killed off originally in the Modern Warfare series. It would be great to see the return of characters such as Ghost who got killed in Modern Warfare 2 or characters such as Gaz and Nikolai who also had a big role in the Modern Warfare Series. It is possible we might see these characters return due to Modern Warfare being a soft reboot of the series and not a sequel to one of the previous games in the series.

4. Co-op Campaign

The last thing we would like to see in the new Call of Duty game is a co-op campaign. The only Call of Duty game that has had a co-op campaign was Black Ops 3, and it was a blast being able to play through the game with someone else. However, we haven’t seen this feature return in a Call of Duty game since. Even if we don’t receive the ability to play through the campaign online co-op, it would be great to see the return of split-screen in the game. Since not many people seem to play the campaign of the Call of Duty games it could be a good way to try and get more people to play it. Playing games co-op can (for some people) be more fun than playing them by yourself.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on October 25th 2019 and it already seems like it might be one of the best Call of Duty games we have received in a long time. It would be great if we could see some of these features implemented into the game, even if it is as DLC (preferably free) once the game has released. Let us know in the comments if you are planning on purchasing this game.

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