Top-3 Indie Video Games of All Times

The market of indie video games is overflowing with titles. It’s very difficult to find franchises which are really worth time. SteamSpy reports that Steam sells over 30,000 games, and the vast majority of them are indies. Our friends from IndieGames review indie games every single day, so we asked them to provide the list of the best titles with their expert opinions.


In Firewatch, you enter the woods as a solitary fire lookout. The story lasts the entire summer with every day as a chapter of the story. That allowed developers to play with lighting and colors that match a specific time of the day. Though the game visuals are stylized and don’t include hyper-realistic textures, the woods stick in mind as a real place. The only thing that betrays such a convincing setting is the total absence of animals.

Both the protagonist and his companion communicate entirely via the radio. Nevertheless, their relationship feels very close to real life. All due to the brilliant scenario, dialogue scripts, and genial work of voicing actors. It’s a serious adult game in which characters face real-life issues and deal with them as actual adults would. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes sad, and sometimes things make you angry. IndieGames.Download recommends Firewatch as an outstanding walking simulator that shows what video game storytelling is capable of in the right hands.

Garry’s Mod

Unlike the vast majority of games, Garry’s Mod doesn’t provide players with predefined goals, missions, plot, or anything else. It’s a massive multiplayer modification for the Valve’s Source engine that reveals its creative potential. In the world of this game, you can create and destroy objects on demand, write your own custom screenplay, come up with goals and gameplay concepts. You are given a set of tools for moving and modifying objects.

However, the most fun comes when you figure out that it’s the most modded game on the Steam Workshop. You can download over 1 million mods for free! It’s equal to 109 years of content. Can you imagine that? If you can think of something, there’s probably a mod for that. Want to play soccer with Harry Potter and Master Chief using fireballs, and cut obstacles with a lightsaber at the same time? There’s no problem for Garry’s Mod.

You may say that it’s not even a game. Alright, it’s a simulator of a game designer with gamified tools. It’s something to make your imagination feel free – not a bare game engine with ones and zeros instead of objects and textures, so it’s actually a game. IndieGames.Download recommends Garry’s Mod as the most approachable way to test your game-designer skills and to have an inexhaustible source of entertainment.


Ooblets is a charming game about farming and adventure. Greg Rice, vice-president of Double Fine, says, “Ooblets is like all of your favorite games mashed into one. It’s like RPG, town sim, and farming sim wrapped up into a cute package.” It’s a multiplayer place where you can hang out with friends, doing various good things, or spend time gardening, customizing your house and character, and collecting funny tiny creatures called Ooblets.

The focus on customization is very inspiring as it gives you space for expressing and imprinting yourself on the game. Your sweet pets are like Pokemons. You can take them out and have friendly fighting encounters. Win to achieve seeds and start developing a garden. Unfortunately, Double Fine doesn’t support Glumberland developers anymore, but they promise that the work is almost finished. Though Ooblets hasn’t been released yet, it’s already one of the favorite games at IndieGames.Download. You can watch several gameplay trailers and devlogs to understand why we love it so much.

Final Words

The criterions for this selection weren’t based on graphics and astonishing effects. We judge indie games by the excitement and nice feelings they initiate, their atmosphere, opportunities for self-expression, and the aftertaste strength. Try at least one of the titles above, and you won’t be disappointed.

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